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Before All Else

  • People need to be comfortable with something unknown. So check out the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) prospective users in your organisation may have first.
  • People may need Pre-Sales information first. Go for a Quick Take that gives you some length and breadth of The ADempiere Project.
    • Does your local ADempiere representative has a proper corporate setup?
    • That is nearby and looks decent?
    • That has on-board consultants or backup by worldwide experts within reach?

Reference Check

  • What are the main features of ADempiere?
    • What are in production and not beta?
  • What are been used by clients?
    • Can they be referenced for a courtesy call to demonstrate that it really works?

Features List

(All under open construction. Please edit/add along...if wish to rewrite, do it in Discussion tab first :D - Red1 )


  • Rules Based
  • User configurable

Business Context

  • Sales & Distribution
    • Project (Orders) for Sales Brief & Planning on Project/Client/Contract basis
    • Requisition
    • Sales Orders
    • Limited RMA
  • Materials Management
    • Inventory by Location
    • Inventory by Price List
    • Inventory Movement
    • Inventory Replenishment
    • Products Attributes
    • Limited support for warehouse locators
  • Financial Integration
    • Charts of Accounts in excel format
    • Default Accounts
    • Sub Accounts Posting during business events

Technical Context

  • Configurable Application Dictionary
  • Single Sign-On
  • Role and multi-level Security


  • Java Based, Java 6 compliant
  • Oracle


  • VPN needs 3rd party options


  • On board or vendor supported


  • Daily routine or cron jobs

Links to Worksheets

Here we provide the sample checklists and worksheets for you to use (coming soon)

  • Gaps Analysis
    • Your Present Environment
    • Features Checklist
    • User Wishlist
  • RFP
    • Recommendation on options
    • Appointment of Contractor
    • Project Contract

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