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The Business Partner Dialog provides a quick way to update existing or add new business partners to the database. The Dialog is accessed from the pop-up menu of Business Partner fields (see ID Fields).



Icon: Image:Icon_InfoBPartner24.png
Pop-up: Image:Icon_InfoBPartner24.png New Record



The Business Partner Dialog is only available from the pop-up menu of the Business Partner field.


The Business Partner Dialog appears as shown below.



The Dialog has two options - update an existing record (as shown above) or add a new record where all the fields will be blank. Which option is used depends on the pop-up menu item selected.

There are the standard buttons:

  • Image:Icon_Ok24.png Confirm which will save the changes and return the Business Partner ID to the originating field
  • Image:Icon_Cancel24.png Cancel which will do nothing and close the dialog
Image:Note.gif Note:

For new records, the data supplied will be used to create a new Business Partner record in the database. The form is very simple and only the important fields are updated so it check to ensure adequate information is being saved in new business partner records for your application.

For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src
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