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The Calculator Tool is a small and simple calculator that provides simple math support to data entry.



Icon: Image:Icon_Calculator24.png
Menu: Tools→Calculator
Short Cut: (none)
Menu Tree: (none)
Image:Note.gif Note:

The calculator can also be enabled anytime you are entering numerical data by typing an operator or by clicking on the calculator iconImage:Icon_Calculator24.pngin the number field. It is often available in the sub-menu by right clicking the mouse.





The calculator tool is a simple calculator that provides support for the following operators: + - * / %. Is also can be used to perform currency conversions by clicking the '$' button. (Bottom, left. It is hard to see in yellow.)

The calculator is activated by the Tools→Calculator command, by clicking on the calculator iconImage:Icon_Calculator24.pngin any number field.

The calculator can be operated by the mouse but it is most effective with a number pad and keyboard. The following keys are accepted:

  • 0-9 - standard digits are added to the end of the display
  • '.' and ',' are both treated as decimals and replaced by '.' in the display.
  • / * - + operands are added to the end of the display. If there is already an operand in the last position, it is replaced by the one just typed. If there is an operand between two numbers, the calculation is completed before the new operand is added.
  •  % operand is not working properly. There is a bug.
  • = or <Enter> will complete the calculation. If the calculator was opened from a number field, the equal sign will close the calculator tool and the result will appear in the number field.
  • 'A' or <Delete> will clear the display.
  • 'C' or <Backspace> will remove the last character typed.
  • <Esc> or clicking the red Cancel button will abort the calculation and close the Calculator Tool.
  • '$' or clicking the $ button will display the currency conversion buttons. Selecting and double clicking either currency will convert the currently displayed number.



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For Developers

The code the controls the Calculator can be found in

  • client/src
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