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A new land to be


How Things Get Wired Up

Invitation letter from the organiser
Cebu Seminar Flyer

  • SIMON head, Mr Bonifacio Belen visited Malaysia to discuss Red1 about pushing ADempiere as a national agenda for ICT in Philippines via the CEDF-IT.
  • The idea is to create bridging courses to train locals in using a Community Open Source project
  • Focus is on creating local entrepreneurship and employment among IT and business graduates and professionals.
  • For a start Red1 was invited to visit Cebu and see for himself the setup and figures there behind the inititiative.
  • We settle for a Philippine ADempiere Initiative to become the reference namesake to forge further systematically.
  • After a 2 day CEDFIT in-house and 1 day open seminar as well as a series of meetings with national minister and figures,the stage is set.
  • It came out in the news Proposed 2008 OS Conference
    • Returning in February, 2008 to start the bridging courses for CEDFIT and preparations for the OS Conference
    • Returning in June, 2008 for the summit where we hope to generate a quantum leap in national interest.

ADempiere Training in Cebu


12 participants for a 2-day hands on seminar Nard, Mike, Naty, Kelv, Van, Luiggi, Chiistopher Niño, Ang, Fred, Niño Cel, Matz, Levi, chris ian (dellph)

CEDFIT One Day Seminar

  • This time i touch more on the wealth generating factor of Cyberspace
    • How dotcoms made billions based on web enabling paradigm
    • The web's power is under-utilised
    • There should be branding through sharing, collaborating to get the Blue Ocean effect
    • The market is tilted towards freedom
  • ADempiere is a journey of branding and learning about the ERP app
    • Best used by educational environments rather than production instances
    • Good platform for 3rd world nations to build upon making the quantum leap to ERP ownership
    • Know-how is easy if we know-who in the forums and chat room
    • Introduce to all those great guys online such as Xp-prg, Victor Perez, et al

CEDFIT Annual Dinner

  • Given the honour to address the dinner audience including the Honourable Secretary of CICT, Roxas Chua.
  • Presented the parallel that Cebu is trying to create what many other nations such as Malaysia attempts in making the quantum leap to developed nation status via cyber-cities.
  • Presented on how Malaysia architect, former PM Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was influenced by Keniche Ohmae's Borderless World:
    • Branding equity that is locally grown
    • Not Invented Here Syndrome where we tend to consume rather than produce our own brands
    • Lesson is that a formula has to produce a local champion icon to drive change and growth
    • Thus we look forward to Made In Cebu.

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