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Page contains new citizen applicants. Once voted the entries are moved to Citizens.

Please read here How to become a citizen.


  1. A nominator who is already a citizen needs to nominates you for citizenship in the SF Forum or via email to cc at
  2. two supporters who are already citizen need to second the nomination
  3. Fill out this Citizen Application Form
  4. After receiving your form CC will put your name to this page
  5. When a bunch of nominees are listed CC will start a vote via limesurvey
  6. When voted your entry will be moved from here to the Citizen List and a copy will be archived here Citizen Elections Archive.

NameSF nickapplication form receivedNominaterSupporter#1Supporter#2StatusOld Citizen ID
<Sarafudheen M.Tharayil><sarafudheen><Yes>linkLinkLink<New/waiting for vote>
< John Daison Agudelo><jdaison><Yes>linkLinkLink<New/waiting for vote>
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