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FUD Against ADempiere

There are also FUD raised against ADempiere and are categorised into the following. Remember the topic here is FUD, not facts that need debate. FUD is meant to be stated for the record and reference when we addressed them.

Formation of ADempiere

  • ADempiere is a fork and is thus not original
  • The community cannot be identified as completely with ADempiere. There are those who still stick with Compiere that are of reputable standing and business.
  • Those responsible should give a chance to ComPiere to explain before creating another fork
  • ADempiere is probably the 4th or 5th fork and usually forks do not last long
  • Weaken the original Compiere project and thus it is bad and generates bad will in the market towards Open Source
  • Still greatly depend on Compiere source code and thus won't have enough maturity to form its own source

Management of ADempiere

  • Does not operate as a legal entity that has officials that can act in responsible capacity in the legal sense
  • Does not have any party that can be held accountable for issues
  • Pretty chaotic and anarchic in its norms and operations as a single coherent entity

Future of ADempiere

  • Flash in the pan fear. It is better to wait in the sidelines and watch how long it will last.
  • Still not recognised as able to compete in the sourcecode originality area with Compiere for long time to come
  • Requires alot of institutionalisation that can tire out its stretched resources as a single entity

As a Business Owner

  • Does not possess its own original and substantial Intellectual Property
  • Cannot sell itself as a profitable entity or obtain funding to that effect to expand where needed
  • Obtaining alternative funding is long and inefficient

FUD Against Leader

  • Red1 is not a serious name, neither is its owner
  • Does not possess a valid University Degree, and cannot stand to lose the argument to a professor
  • Does not own a business but operates as a freelance consultant
  • Does not own property and thus won't grasp correct responsibility and concerns of business owners
  • Has many failed projects in his portfolio more than number of items in his resume
  • Lack right technical competency, not able to contribute any line of code thus far
  • Obsessed with been No.1, schemes against been dethroned

(pls add, i bet you do not have any more :devil:)

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