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ASP is now a standard feature in our ADempiere application suite. It allows any Industry Service Provider (ISP) to offer ADempiere On Demand to a larger clientele or vertically scoped industries. However it carries many other risks such as the ISP's service level and competency. Any failure of an ASP model is not the fault of the app but the responsibility of the ISP.


  • This is a self authored essay and reflects only the limited experience of the signed author, and thus in no way authorised by the Bazaar nor indicative of any sales pitch to sway any member thereof from anything they are doing. Unless of course they are wasting their time reading. - Red1 22:21, 19 January 2008 (EST)

Did It Heat Up?

  • As the saying goes, "A rose is a rose by any other name" or is it?[1]
  • This ASP or Application Service Provider concept is now reincarnated from its fallen past [2] as something sexy sounding such as SaaS (Software As A Service) which is more technically true, and even Application On Demand which seems to be more poetic sounding and impressive enough to shout out in a brainstorm meeting.
  • There is a another concept phrase floated by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) a long time ago, which seems to ring well the ASP rhythm, is Apps On Taps that you do not hear often anymore. Hope you get the idea of what is going ON.
  • So, question is how hot is in our case, ERP On Demand getting? A simple yahoo check says it is.

So Will It Go Down?

  • But as these concepts stem from the disastrous need of throwing out the bathwater every time a baby is washed, they fall under a broader category called Outsourcing.
  • We then can have a cursory examination of what can particularly in this area of ERP happens to pose an even higher risk than in-sourcing. [3]
  • ERP as we know it is not something you can outsource or give away. It is not non-core IT activity. It is core business subject matter and that is core.
  • The expectations of customers of ERP to think they can remove the pain away probably will give On Demand solutions an intial boost, but as the example of SAP associated CRM On Demand solution has shown dramatic flight patterns when its profits plunge [4]. What more inadvertently giving away its customers' list. [5]

It is a Channel, Stupid

  • That is what Howard Smith seems to say in his blog. [6] It is still not a service. And service takes a different drawing board. It takes business concerns, which takes content, which takes expertise, which takes attention, which takes another business all together.
  • It is like what i often tell OS pundits that Free doesn't mean Free. So now i have to introduce anoher phrase, Outsourcing your TCO doesn't mean you do not have another bigger TCO.
  • Don't take my word for it. Try today. Then come back and sign below here.

More Last Words

  • Silence is not golden during outages. [7][8]
  • Winning suits is one thing. But getting sued in the first place? [9]
  • The paradox of been everything to everyone. [10]
  • If you are lucky you might see its shares slowly die here. If you are not, later i will give you the graveyard link.
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