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Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt is the phrase that market pundits use to conduct psychological warfare among themselves to induce the market consumers in their adoption preference. FUD may be the final factor in a consultant getting the job from the ADempiere prospect.


Types of FUD

Political FUD

  • Such as Difference With Compiere
  • Conducted by advocates of ADempiere
  • May exist in more subtler forms but nevertheless can cross swords with parent project
  • Counter FUD by detractors of ADempiere

Technical FUD

  • Implementation woes
  • Intangible Costs of Ownership
  • Business owner gaps
  • Consultancy gaps

Market FUD

  • Market uncertainty
  • Business gaps still unresolved by application choice

Managing FUD

FUD must exist

  • Challenge is to translate FUD into objective list of risks
  • Address each FUD risk with its own set of remedy and contigency plan
  • Demonstrate the non-existent of FUD as an uncertain and unmanageable risk
  • Heavy dependency on experience that is real, direct and believable
  • Checklist for users to remove FUD
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