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The HTML Editor Tool provides a way to enter and format text as HTML.



Icon: Image:Icon_Edit24.png
Pop-Up Menu: Editor (Text Long fields only)


The HTML Editor Tool is only available in the pop-up menu while the focus is in a Text Long field.

There is no way to directly enter HTML markup and the editing features are limited.


The HTML Editor Tool appears in the pop-up menu on Text Long fields and opens with a screen similar to the one below.



The window has a menu with a three entries:

  • Font: adjust font, font size, font style and heading type
  • Align: set alignment left, center or right
  • HTML: set the paragraph style, table, lists etc...

Below the menu is a row of icons:

  • Image:Icon_Import24.png Import a file from the file system.
  • Image:Icon_Export24.png Save the contents to a file on the file system.
  • Image:Icon_Bold16.png Toggle the format to/from Bold.
  • Image:Icon_Italic16.png Toggle the format to/from Italic.
  • Image:Icon_Underline16.png Toggle the format to/from Underline.

Usage of the HTML Editor is similar to a simple WYSIWYG editor.

At the bottom of the screen is the Image:Icon_Cancel24.png Cancel and Image:Icon_Ok24.png Confirm buttons.

Clicking the Image:Icon_Ok24.png Confirm button will save the changes in the field, otherwise, all changes will be lost.

For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src
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