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= Obsolete Document =
Stabilization work is now being carried out in the Libero Branch



(Note: The installation of Libero on Adempiere has changed significantly since this article was written. A binary release of Libero has been made available by Tim, mentioned in this thread: SF-Thread)

Installation of Libero on Adempiere 3.20 (Mayday version). Please take note that this guide is done based on WinXP environment for now. In a few days time, we shall include guides on Linux environment.

Note: This is a Work In Progress. Please do not use the guide provided here on a production site.


1. Adempiere version 3.20 with JDK 1.5.X installed

2. Subversion Client - TortoiseSVN

How To Do It?

Building & Compiling

1. Download files from Trunk SVN into a directory. For illustrative purpose we shall use C:\AdempiereSVN\ (Note: Use a subversion client to download)

2. Download files from Branch Libero into a directory. For illustrative purpose we shall use C:\Libero\ (Note: Use the subversion client to download)

3. Move the folder contents found in Branch Libero directory into your Trunk SVN directory. So it will have folder structure similar to C:\AdempiereSVN\Libero

4. Apply patches found in C:\AdempiereSVN\Libero\patch_core.

5. Compile your project. Go to C:\AdempiereSVN\utils_dev and execute/type "Run_build.bat 2> run_build_error.log" and press Enter. When you complete the process successfully, a folder will be created at C:\AdempiereSVN\Adempiere\Adempiere which will contain your Adempiere files.

6. Build your Adempiere application server. Go to C:\AdempiereSVN\Adempiere\Adempiere\ and execute/type "Run_setup.bat 2> run_setup_error.log".

7. Now that you have build your application server with Libero java classes into it, its now time to run the application server. Go to C:\AdempiereSVN\Adempiere\Adempiere\utils\ and execute "Run_server2.bat 2> run_server2_error.log"

8. Launch your Adempiere client by executing C:\AdempiereSVN\Adempiere\Adempiere\Run_adempiere.bat 2> run_adempiere_error.log

Importing Libero 2Pack

At this stage, we assume that you already have successfully started your adempiere server and client programme.

1. Logon to Adempiere using System/System (as the username and password).

2. You will now see the Menu, Workflow Activities and Workflow Tab. Click on Menu tab.

3. Go to Application Dictionary > Application Packaging > PackIn - Import A Package. (Note: Double click on it)

4. You will now see a PackIn - Dialog box. You will now need to create a new record. Click on the icon that resembles a white paper. (Its located next to the Question mark and the Trash Bin icon)

5. Use the following pointer as your guide:

  • AD_Package_Source_Type = File
  • AD_Package_Source = (this is the name of the 2pack import file)
  • AD_Package_Dir = C:\AdempiereSVN\Libero\2pack (this should be pointing to the directory that contains the above source file)
  • AD_Override_Dict = True (This should be selected/checked. This option will override existing Libero tables/fields in your database)

6. Now, that you have filled up all the details, click on the button "PackIn"

7. A confirmation window will appear asking you to start the process. Click Yes. The import will begin now.

Please take note that the process of importing from a 2Pack file for Libero, will take approximately 3-4 hours depending on your machine speed.

Using Libero

Coming soon!

Libero Implementation - The Pre-Op Procedures

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