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The Invoice Info window displays a list of invoices based on query criteria.



Icon: Image:Icon_Info24.png
Menu: View→Invoice Info
Short Cut: none
Field: Invoice


To see the Invoice Info window, your role must have Allow Info Invoice checked in the Role Window.


The Invoice Info window opens with the following screen. At the top are boxes for search criteria which include:

  • the Invoice Document Number;
  • the Invoice Description - often used to hold the customer/vendor's invoice number;
  • the referring order;
  • the Business Partner;
  • the date range invoiced;
  • the Grand Total amount invoiced;
  • a toggle for sales transactions or purchases and
  • a toggle for paid invoices.



The top of the window provides search criteria and, at the bottom are three buttons along with the standard cancel and confirm controls.

The percent character '%' can be used as a wild card in the search criteria.

The search criteria can be modified by the two radio buttons:

  • Sales Transaction which will limit the search to sales to customers if checked and purchases from vendors if unchecked.
  • Paid which will Limit the search to only paid invoices if checked.

The Date Invoiced can be entered as a range with a from/to date pair or singly.

The Grand Total can be entered as a range or singly. The left amount is the From amount and is used in the query as Grand_Total >= From_Amount. The right amount is the To Amount and is used as Grand_Total <= To_Amount. If both the From Amount and To Amount are entered, the query uses "BETWEEN ? AND ?". If From_Amount and To_Amount are equal, the query is simply Grant Total = From_Amount.

The three buttons at the bottom left provide the following functionality:

If the Invoice Info window is opened from a search field, double clicking or confirming a selection will fill that field with the selected invoice ID.

For Developers

Image:Note.gif Note:

Selecting and then double clicking or confirming an invoice in the Invoice Info window will also add the C_Invoice_ID and associated C_InvoicePaySchedule_ID (if any) to the context.

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • base/src
  • client/src
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