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Table of Contents | Joining the ADempiere Community | Evaluating ADempiere

If you are reading this, you are already part of our community.

ADempiere is a open-source project using commons-based peer-production methods. Organized as a bazaar of Citizens, the project is governed by Technical, Functional and Community Council Teams. The intellectual property of the community is protected by the ADempiere Foundation, a non-profit group which provides legal and financial support to the community.

The project follows a Open Source philosophy with a 3-line principle of:

To join our efforts all you have to do is get involved.

  • Contribute
    • Create a wiki account and let the tech-writer in you come alive.
    • Help test the software.
    • Fix a bug. Check out ADempiere's Issue Tracker. Choose a bug and solve it, as a good initiation to ADempiere source code and development process.
    • Get involved in Bug Triage or ADempiere Bug Day
  • Donations
    • If you wish to donate money, please do so through donation to the ADempiere Foundation, our non-profit organization based in Berlin, via its PayPal account:
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