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Process: Update Accounting Balance

Description : Update Daily Accounting Balances

Help : This process is run automatically

Class Name:


Name Description Help Technical Data
Accounting Schema Rules for accounting An Accounting Schema defines the rules used in accounting such as costing method, currency and calendar C_AcctSchema_ID



Update Accounting Balance

ADempiere accounting is based on a table called Fact_Acct, all book entries are recorded in this table.

To speed up the generation of Financial Reports ADempiere has a table called Fact_Acct_Balance, basically this table is a summarized view of Fact_Acct.

This process asks for two parameters:

  • Accounting Schema - if left null all accounting schemas of client are updated
  • Recreate Data - if checked the process first delete completely the Fact_Acct_Balance table. Must be used when the Fact_Acct_Balance get messed up (maybe because of deleting Fact_Acct records).

You can execute this process also checking the flag "Update Balances" in parameters of "Financial Reports", but from there only update can be done, it can be recreated.


  • The process then delete and recreate the summary records in Fact_Acct_Balance table

Not Recreate

  • The process updates current records of Fact_Acct_Balance, and then insert missing records.
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