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The Notice Window provides information about system notes other than errors.



Icon: Image:Icon_GetMail24.png (Bottom left of the main panel)
Menu: None
Short Cut: None
Tree: System Admin » General Rules » System Rules » Notice


The system software will generate notices as executes processes. These notices are not software errors but rather things that the user or administrator should be aware of and may want to fix such as out of sequenced delivery dates or posting errors, for example. You can see the notices by clicking the button on the bottom left corner of the main panel. It will be labeled "Image:Icon_GetMail24.png Notices: #" where the number sign shows the number of notices that are active for the user. The Notice Window opens with the following screen.



Note that all notices are displayed in this window without filtering.

Each Notice can be acknowledged.

Before it is acknowledged, the Description field can be used to record information about the notice that will be available to other users.

Clicking the Record ID button will zoom to the record which caused the notice. Clicking Delete Notices will delete notices belonging to the User as long as the notices are older than a system-set number of days - the default is seven (7). (The number of days to keep the notices is set as a parameter to the NoteDelete process.)

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