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This training module quickly moves you from inception to execution. Many steps may be optional and for reference. Suit according to your real scenario. Please put forth more ideas either here or in the Discussion Tab.


Project Checklist

There should be a project features list for you to check against your wishlist and ERP pains. This list all the ADempiere business functional features as well as technical capabilities. Below are the materials and next steps:

  • ADempiere Features Checklist
  • Ticking the list against what you need and do not need
    • Identifying gaps that you need but are not in the features checklist
    • Categorizing those gaps into
      • Must have
      • Good to have
      • Not important

Next Steps

  • Form a project team
  • Issue an RFP
    • Identify medium of publishing RFP
    • Accepting responses
    • Categorising responses
      • Meet requirements
      • Meet constraints
  • Select consultant implementor
    • Accepting the contract
    • Main issues

Initial Client Setup

Base Data

  • Gather your standard master data
    • Samples of Business Partners
      • Vendors
      • Customers
      • Sales Representatives
    • Sample Input Formats
      • Data Entry Screens
      • Documents
    • Sample Output Formats
      • Printouts
      • Documents
  • Bring your Business Process Flow
    • Overview of Business Operations
    • Overview of Data Model
    • Org Chart and StakeHolders of Data Islands

First Phase

  • Scoping strategy
    • General Strategy to do the easy first and leave the hard part for later.
    • Gain proof of concept confidence and buy time in going through learning curve
  • Issues in this phase
    • Scoping too much work that delays early win
    • Too ambitous in expectation and planning
  • Preparing for subsequent phases
    • Review on resources
    • Review on cost outlay and timeline

Wrap Up

Getting the Total Cost of Engagement

  • Has the above information helped you obtain your estimated TCO of engagement?
  • No. of expert man-days needed
  • Estimated Project Time-line
  • Internal Resource Commitment

Using the ADempiere Bazaar

  • Using the SourceForge Project
  • Using the ADempiere Wiki
  • Do's and Don't's and Howtos in getting the best out of the ADempiere Project
  • Sponsored Development Approach for minor and limited scope of works

What Have You Learnt?

  • What was interesting?
  • What was helpful?
  • What still bugs you?
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