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If You Do Nothing, Then Nothing Can Go Wrong

I inevitably arrive at this ageless mantra due to earlier mishaps that resulted in the following infamous tale i read when i was a kid. In my course of work in companies where i do have to follow orders without question, i often find those orders achieving hilarious results. On top of it, those orders keep changing, and upon investigation they were either from the boss' wife, or the boss' boss' wife.

Story of Man, Son & Ass

One day an old man wishing to sell his old ass, took his son with it to the market. While happily walking along the way, by foot, they met passers by who inquired about the weather, their destination and of course offer free consultancy.

The first people they met told them, "Why don't you sit on the ass? It is still a long way to the market". So the old man went up the ass and let his son walk alongside it and proceed to the market.

The 2nd people they met sort of give a harsher statement, "Old man! Do you not have pity on your child? Let the poor kid sit on it!". So he got down and put his son on the ass and proceeded by foot.

The 3rd people they met ask of why this young man can enjoy the ride while his father suffer yet still a long march. And when debriefed by the old man, that this is all due to following people's advice, they then retorted, "But why can't both of you just stay on the ass? It is its job, for crying out loud". Ok. Both man and son sits on ass and they proceeded.

When they neared the market, a 4th people shooked their fists at them, "Why are you torturing the poor ass?! Its going to be sold and killed anyway. Respect God's creature" And man and son jumped off the ass and carried it up on their shoulders instead.

Upon entering the market, all people began to laugh at the sight of them carrying the ass on their backs. One small girl approached them and asked, "Why don't you just put the ass down and let it walk?"

The End.

Doing Nothing When Market Is Wrong

There are times that the market behaves wrongly. For example in the Open Source market, people with the right expertise are expensive. The market may try something funny such as offering low prices to their time services assuming that the codes are free and so the wrapper is not far from free. But when the people concerned refused to take up the low offers, and choose to do nothing the price has to move higher. When they reach the right price, then the experts begin to take up those offers. I have tried that many times and it works. Previously i panicked and take up any price the stupid market offers. I see others who are smarter and now i m learning from them.

This is the same thing as with the dotcom boom previously. The market thinks that dotcoms are goldmines. But common sense says no. It is a matter of time before the prices come crashing down. A good person to learn from is Warren Buffet. He teaches how to recognise value and put the right price to it, and stick to it for life.

People who know how ADempiere works and how to implement ERP are very valuable. But if they go after cheap jobs, they lost out as they waste time making ends meet and others overtake them sooner than later. So my advice is when things get cloudy and you are not sure if it is going to be sunny or rain, stay indoors, play chess, play with your dog, crack others' codes but do nothing about the market and leave it be. I usually give things 3 years to turn around on my hunches. If they still do not work, then i leave this market and go to another one that makes sense. So far Open Source Contributors Are Priceless Model makes sense.

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