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Designer: Alberto Abudinen ,Fabian Aguilar, Julio Farias.
Developer: [Alberto Abudinen, Fabian Aguilar, Julio Farias].
Sponsor: PentaVida, Chile; OFB Consulting.

ADempiere lacks an automatic bank reconciliation function, the current manual reconciliation is a solution for low volume of bank transactions. As ADempiere moves gradually into mid size and large size enterprises, this function becomes a requirement.


  • PentaVida, Chile
  • OFB Consulting

Project Team

  • Alberto Abudinen
  • Fabian Aguilar
  • Julio Farias

Functional Specs

This is a summary, full functional specs available in Spanish

  • Import of bank statements using ADempiere standard import engine
    • Tabular bank statement formats easy to set up using standard import ADempiere funcionality

  • Master/detail view of imported bank statements
    • Listing of all bank statements
    • Access of detail view using the detail tab
    • detail view lists all records in bank statement
    • flagging of records not imported due to errors for later action

  • Automatic bank reconciliation work space
    • Bottom section of window lists all records that were automatically matched for reconciliation
    • Bottom section allows matching fine tuning (Match/cancel match actions)
    • Upper section lists all records from the imported bank statement (left) and bank ADempiere records (right) for manual intervention until fully complete

Technical Specs

  • Compatible with ADempiere 3.6/3.7
  • Compatible with Swing UI
  • available in OFB Contributions branch in ADempiere repositories

Future Extensions

  • compatibility with web ui
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