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Adempiere e.V. opens channel for sponsoring paid resources for commit and release management


The official ADempiere repository (http://adempiere.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/) contains much useful and interesting code from many people and companies. There are also other repositories, some public, some private, with interesting features which may be suitable for integration into ADempiere.

The ADempiere code is not being updated regularly. There are a number of reasons for this; some of us lack the knowledge to do it, others are too busy with their projects or don't want to take up the responsibility.

The Task

Whilst new functionality that improves the Adempiere system is always welcome there is a very large task integrating currently existing code into the main development line, validating bug fixes, preparing version releases, preparing patch releases and helping to shape the road map. These tasks are mainly integration and quality control rather than development.


One solution to improving our rate of progress is the hiring resources to perform the above tasks. This suggestion is not new as ADeV has contributed some funding in the past to help with these tasks however what could be achieved was always limited by the available funds.

To allow more rapid development ADeV (on behalf of the project) is seeking funding from people and companies that will be used solely for this task and to invite applications from parties interested in performing the task. Supporting the project this manner is also a way of paying back what we have gained from the ADempiere project.

ADeV would select a candidate to perform the work with the guidance of the Technical Committee. The decision on which work is to be performed would remain with the Technical and Functional Committees and the resources would work at the direction of the Technical Committee, AdeV's role is only to facilitate the funding of the work.

Work will be committed under a generalised “ADeV” or similar identity so that the resources may change over time but still show continuity in the work even if the party performing the work changes.

This page is an invitation to

(a) parties willing to sponsor this work to register their interest so we may understand the level of support for the proposal and the amount of resources that could be acquired.

(b) parties interested in being candidates to perform the tasks to apply to ADev.


Some parties are already corporate sponsors of Adempiere e.V supporting all its stated objectives and paying annual subscriptions. We are now seeking interest from other parties who wish to support specifically the tasks of code commitment and release management. The funding can be provided either in the form of a donation or as payment for services provided by ADeV.

If you or your company is willing to make a contribution to this work then please contact kai _at_ adempiere.net. In order to attract good candidates for the work it is important that we be able to provide funding for a reasonable period of time so we are seeking a multi-month commitment so we are able to plan properly.

The following parties have indicated they wish to be sponsors for amounts ranging up to USD200 per month. Those with an ** beside their name have already made a payment so that lack of initial funding does not stall the plan. Please add your name to the list if you would like to assist with this proposal (or, if you prefer, write to Kai at the email address below):

  • Adaxa **
  • eEvolution
  • Kai Schaeffer **
  • Mike McKay
  • OFB (Ramiro Vergara)
  • O.S. Group (John Agudelo) **
  • Systemhaus Westfalia **
  • Cibex **

The Release Manager Role – Applications Invited

The work that we jointly wish to have performed is as follows:

  • technical review of code
  • merging
  • quality review against coding conventions
  • ensure automatic tests is working
  • organising test release to test team
  • prepare final release

We anticipate that the job may be less than full time and will be limited by the amount of funding that people and companies are willing to commit.

We invite applications from persons or organisations who are interested to perform the above tasks.

Please write to kai _at_ adempiere.net indicating your interest in the role, your ADempiere experience (which will need to be considerable) and your qualifications for performing the tasks and the remuneration required. Kai will arrange for the Technical Committee to review your proposal.

The matter of whether these applications should be made completely public was discussed and the AdeV directors formed the view that this might discourage some applications. Proposal's will not be made public but will be considered by the project's Technical Committee and the ADeV Directors.


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