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Name This user real name is : Aleksandr Ryabikov (Александр Рябиков)
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  • Hi, I am from Russia, Moscow. My goal - promotion Free Software in Russia.
  • Me contact email: Aleksandr Ryabikov

My participation in ADempiere

Group photo of participants who held out until the end of the first Russian conference of specialists of ADempiere ERP. I plump in the foreground in the middle;-) File:RusConf2011.JPG

My view of the project ADempiere ERP

  • I think we need to more clearly separate the process of developing software and the promotion of ADempiere as a brand and believe that the use of ADempiere should take into account the specificities of each country. See my post
  • For my vision of the principles of project management see more ADempiere Reload.

My involved in other IT projects

  • Use and promote the content management system Drupal. Individual member of the Drupal Association, which fosters and supports the Drupal software project, the community and its growth. My profile on
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