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Fast search feature (for products)ProposedIn Contribution Trackerkittiun/aguideline from monhateFast Search feature that gives a more LOOOSELY way of searching
DocBook 5 User DocumentationProposedcontribution_kkalice_docbookStefan ChristiansK.K. AliceGenerating standardized user documentation in multiple output formats (PDF, HTML, WIKI) from a single source file
RPM PackagerProposedcontribution_kkalice_rpmStefan ChristiansK.K. AlicePackaging and Distributing Adempiere on RedHat-like Systems
Universal Migration ToolProposedcontribution_kkalice_migrateStefan ChristiansK.K. AliceTool for Upgrading, Transferring, or Converting Databases
Zk Ajax UIIn productionTrunk 3.4.2Heng SinIdalicaPOSterita<Description>
ReplicationIn production<Repository>Trifon<sponsor><Description>
EDI X.12 Import/ExportIn Production<Repository>Trifon, Heng Sin Idalica <Description>
EDIFACT Import/ExportIn Production<Repository>Trifon Idalica <Description>
Drop Ship<Repository> Idalica <Description>
Scan Inventory<Repository> Idalica <Description>
Promotions<Repository> Idalica <Description>
Landed Cost Enhancement<Repository><sponsor><Description>
UOMs and UOM Enhancements<Repository><sponsor><Description>
Warehouse Managementproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
CashFlowproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Global Tax Managementproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Swing POS & Call Centerproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Credit Card Managementproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Project Managementproposed<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
HR & PayrollIn production<Repository>Victor Perez, Teo_sarca, Cristina Ghita<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Distribution Resource PlanningIn Process 90%<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Product Configuration BOMIn Process 70%<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
GWT ADempiere ClientIn Process 30%<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Aging to DateIn production included in trunk<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Manufacturing Standard CostIn Process 80%<Repository>Victor Perez, Teo Sarca<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Manufacturing Work ShopIn Process 80%<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
ADempiere Manufacturing StabilizationIn Process 90%<Repository>Victor Perez, Teo Sarca<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
Improve Report Engine In production include in trunk<Repository>Victor Perez<sponsor>e-Evolution<Description>
UK PostcodesIn Production<Repository>Akuna<sponsor><Description>
Cash Paymentsin SVN trunk<Repository>Trifon<sponsor><Description>
ADempiere Deutsch (German Localization)in SVN branch<Repository>metas<sponsor><Description>
OB POS Integrationproposed<Repository>Carlos Ruiz Idalica <Description>
Costing Enhancementproposed<Repository>Trifon,Michael Judd,Teo Sarca<sponsor><Description>
OB POS with Reward Pointsproposed<Repository><sponsor><Description>
VAT Enhancementsproposed<Repository>Michael Judd<sponsor><Description>
Accounting Fact Summaryin productiontrunkPaul Bowden Adaxa <Description>
Purchase DispositionStablelocal RepositoryMetas
Datev ExportStableContributions/adempiere-datevMetasGerman Documentation
IncotermsStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
sending sales order via eMailStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Login-Window: Showing Build No.StableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Pattern for Numbering sequencesStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Text modules in eMailStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Improving invoice address selection in Sales OrderStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Planning Deliveries/ShipmentsStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Diverting shipment address per order lineStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Block PricingStableBranch Localization/GermanMetas
Improving Product InfoStableBranch Localization/GermanMetasIntroducting, Product Category Tree, Filtering products that are on no price list, Improved multi-select of products, Refresh button remains inaktive during updating records. Info
Consolidated Payments using HBCIUnder Developmentlocal Repositoryaction42Improved Payment-Batch. Payment Processor using hbci4java
Interface with BI PaloUnder Developmentlocal Repositoryaction42
Interfacing AsteriskstableBranch contributions > Localizations > Germany > asteriskUser:Needle58Handover a call to Asterisk (related Tracker item)
Intrastat-MessageIn Entwicklunglocal Repositoryaction42
EDI for Consolidated Invoice (EDIFACT INVOIC)Under Developmentlocal Repositoryaction42
VAT-ID LookupStablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGOnline validation of VAT-IDs
PO Control (Orders without receipt)Stablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGForm to control the status of purchase orders. It shows all purchase orders wihtout material receipt and allows a one-click creation of a material receipts for a purchase order.
Yard ware price calculationStablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGCalculation of prices depending on parameter(s) - for example the length.
Direct debit export to MT940Stablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGProcess to create a MT940 file containing all completed (and not yet exported) invoices with a payment type of direct debit to process the direct debit in an external banking program)
Credit card payment processor (telecash.de)Stablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGProcess to reserve credit cards, capture of reserved credit cards, direct capture without reservation, voiding etc.
Accounting fact export to Lexware / QuickbooksStablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGProcess to export accounting facts to textfile. Lexware format is in production since Jan 2009. Quickbooks is working but not very well tested yet.
Inventory templateStablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGTempates and process to generate physical inventory documents. You can add product categories and single products to a template.
Drag'n'drop attachmentsStablelocal RepositorySchaeffer AGDrop one ore more files or a text selection on an Order to add them as an attachment. Can be changed to allow dropping for any ADempiere window.
Payment managementIn progress 80%local RepositoryDaniel TammCyberphoto ABGUI to easily select AP payments to be transmissioned to bank. Read reconciliation information for AP payments to automatically mark AP:s as paid. Read information about AR payments from banks/creditcard partners etc.
Integration with Time4U - time reportingIn progress 90%local RepositoryDaniel TammNotima ABGUI to easily create reports (and bill) on project / employee / date basis from time tracking information in Time4U time tracking system.
Opening Balances FormProposedlocal RepositoryDaniel TammNotima AB / Cyberphoto ABGUI to easily set opening balances when migrating to Adempiere.
Quick journal entry formProposedlocal RepositoryDaniel TammNotima AB / Cyberphoto ABSpecialized GUI to easily enter manual journal entries.
Radius Search for Business PartnersStablelocal RepositoryTeo SarcametasSearch with km around a city in Business Partner Info. More Info
RMA StabilizationTestingTrunkCarlos RuizmetasFinalizing RMA functionality. RMA#Stabilization
Sub RolesStableTrunkTeo SarcametasAllows you to add subroles to a role in window "role". Effective permissions are being merged between the main and the sub roles.
Persistent Datagrid Column ViewprototypeLocal RepositorySchaeffer AG & metasAllows users to change size, sequence and view of columns in datagrid. Dropped it from customer system due to conflicts with AD changes.
Delivery PolicyBetaTrunkDaniel TammCyberphoto ABSee wiki Delivery Policy
Download Panel for WebUIStableTrunkTeo SarcametasShows files on dashboard for the user to download that are stored on server directory
Mysql portIn processCaturaSysnovaPraneet TiwariFinalizing Mysql port
Webstore Module for DrupalProposedUser:JuddmAkunaDrupal Module to replace the webstore functionality
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