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  • Check the results of the conference e.g. Libero Integration, Voting (Nwessel 06:36, 23 June 2009 (PDT))
  • Ongoing and Results by goanookie see here: day 1, day 2, day 3
  • Added ADempiere eV Presentation Link (Nwessel 09:21, 21 June 2009 (PDT))
  • Online Participation has been added by Kai (Nwessel 02:55, 19 June 2009 (PDT))
  • Round Table Agenda is online (Nwessel 08:49, 18 June 2009 (PDT))
  • Anouncing conference fee (Nwessel 09:37, 16 June 2009 (PDT))
  • Schedule is online (Nwessel 03:26, 11 June 2009 (PDT))

Conference from 21st to 23rd June[edit]

Why a new conference?[edit]

ADempiere was born in September 2006. At the beginning it was lots of hard work to get the baby going. Nine months after, the first community conference took place in Berlin, Germany in May 2007.

On these three days a great number of fellow developers and advocates met in real life for the very first time. Now the nicknames got real names, faces and voices. That gave the collaboration spirit even more drive. Remember the discussions on what future directions might be desirable - and which ones seemed more realistic. And remember the presentations on functionality under development. Some of the contributions no one had ever dreamed of before.

Playing its own part that is today - the spirit in the project, the mechanism in collaborative working and the infrastructure used - was interwoven together for a number of days at that first conference.

Now ADempiere is going through its fast childhood. Second birthday happened. Seven stable and development versions released. A lot of new functionality created and even more is in preparation. This is a good point in time to meet again and

  • discuss the structural problems we have on the technical and foremost on the community organizational side
  • discuss where we are and where we want to be in the near or even in the far future
  • discuss technical details
  • start new developments
  • do anything that can be done more easily when you are in one room with the others

Our main goal for this conference is to find solutions for the structural problems within the community.

This time the conference is hosted by the German ADempiere society.

Date and Venue[edit]

  • Sunday, June 21st to Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 in Berlin (Germany)
  • upfront to Linuxtag 2009, which is June 24 to June 27, 2009
  • Location: ADempiere Deutschland e.V., Nahmitzer Damm 32, 12277 Berlin

Getting to the Conference[edit]

By car[edit]

Go to Google maps and let it direct you to the location:

Nahmitzer Damm 32 in Google Maps

By public transportation[edit]

Go to the S-Bahn station "S Buckower Chausee". Exit the station to Buckower Chausee (most probably opposite of driving direction).

Walk down the street to the location (150 m)

Public Transportation[edit]

You can find all you need to know about public transportation in Berlin on the BVG site.

Online Participation[edit]

We provide a video/audio stream from the conference and a vnc access to the presentation computer desktop in addition to the normal irc chat in irc.freenode.net #adempiere. To join the conference you need to install the vlc player for video/audio (or similar software) a vnc client and a irc programm if you want to give some feedback.

  • Download and install vlc player
  • Download and install tight vnc (or any vnc client you like)
  • Install Chatzilla if you are using Firefox (or any irc program you like)

Join the conference[edit]

Open the video/audio stream with the vlc player[edit]

vnc (desktop view)[edit]

  • Start the tight vnc viewer (Listen Mode)
  • Open a new connection
  • VNC Server is extern.schaeffer-ag.de
  • Recommended connection options are tight encoding, custom compression level: 9 and JPEG compression: 3

irc (Chatzilla)[edit]

  • Open the Chatzilla plugin (Tools -> Chatzilla)
  • Change your nickname (Button in the lower left corner)
  • Connect the irc server by entering the following line into the command line (bottom of the window):
/server irc.freenode.net
  • Press Enter :)
  • joining the adempiere channel by entering the following line into the command line:
/join #adempiere

Conference Fee for Catering[edit]

The fee is 75,00 € per participant for the whole conference and will be collected by Mark. Please give him your business card so that we can give you a bill.

We use this to cover the catering cost including hot and cold beverages and a three dishes lunch buffett.

Please note that we charge the fee no matter how long you stay at the conference as we have to pay the catering company in advance.

For questions or feedback please contact norbert wessel _at_ adempiere . de



Sunday (21.06.09)[edit]


09:00 Doors open

09:30 opening of the conference by Kai Schaeffer

10:00 Presentation of ADempiere eV by Norbert Wessel. (Download Presentation)

10:30 Key Note Red1

11:30 Presentation of Round Table Results => publication of strategy paper draft

13:00 lunch break


14:30 Adempiere best practices (Carlos Ruiz - globalqss)

16:30 OSGi-based extension framework (joergviola)

18:30 BBQ at Conference Location

Monday (22.06.09)[edit]


09:30 Discussion of Project Strategy


11:00 Libero Manufacturing (vpj-cd)

13:00 lunch break

Presentation 14:30 Presentation of the ADempiere implementation of Schaeffer AG. (kai7, kthiemann)


15:15 Localization (Carlos Ruiz - globalqss)

16:15 Enduser Problems (Kai)

17:15 Collaboration: Feature Demand and Availability (Norbert)

18:00 Base Language/ ADempiere: Suggestions for Quality Assurance (Mark, Tobi)

Tuesday (23.06.09)[edit]


09:30 Discussion

10:30 Quality Assurance with Fitnesse (Carlos Ruiz - globalqss)

Track 1 - Presentations

11:30 Overview of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - EDI X.12 and EDIFACT. (Trifon)

12:15 Payroll (vpj-cd)

13:00 lunch break

14:00 Overview of Replication functionality (Trifon)

14:30 Business Inteligence(BI) with Pentaho and Adempiere. (Trifon)

15:00 Business Inteligence(BI) with Kettle and Palo as OLAP cube for ADempiere. You find the 1st examples for the Kettle Import routines on the newly created project compiere-kettleat Sourceforge as promised.(alpohl)

15:30 Overview of SpagoBI - BI Platform (Charly Clairmont)

Track 2 - Workshops

11:30 Feature Workshop: Participants can show developed features to another

13:00 lunch break

14:00 schedule depends on discussion at conference

Closing the Event

16:00 Feedback, Discussion, Speeches


Redhuan D. Oon (Red1)*

Carlos Ruiz*

Victor Perez**

Teo Sarca*

Trifon Nikolaev Trifonov

Karsten Thiemann

Kai Schaeffer

Mark Ostermann (IRC + SF nick: mark_o)

Norbert Wessel (IRC + SF nick: nwessel)

Tobias Schoeneberg (SF nick: tobi_42)

Mario Calderón

Susanne Calderón

Layda Salas

Dirk Niemeyer

Alexander Pohl

Joerg Viola (until Sun, 21)

Michael Judd

Heinz-Guenter Siebert

Akos Gabriel

Daniel Tamm

Nils Kohlström

Vinesh Aggarwal

Sreenivas Chaitanya

Paul Bowden

Angelo Dabalà

Charly Clairmont

Thomas Kreser

Peter De Zutter (IRC + SF nick: goanookie)

Werner Scharinger

Thomas Reiter

Gabriel Aleanakian

Rainer Breuer

Jens Wilke

Roberto Palazzetti

Not coming: Jens Pfeiffer

(*) cost absorption by ADempiere Deutschland e.V.

(**) partly cost absorption by ADempiere Deutschland e.V.


More sponsors are welcome. ;-)

Round table[edit]

As written above our main goal for this conference is to find solutions for the structural problems within the project. We as the German ADempiere society "ADempiere Deutschland e.V." believe that our great project has some big issues which need to be solved to rise ADempiere to what it deserves to be: An highly competitive ERP-System with measurable market share.

As the past showed it is easier to discuss and solve problems in a smaller group. That's why we invited core members of the community to a round table on Saturday to be able to work on different approaches with a limited number of attendees to achieve measurable progress. All results will be presented right at the beginning of the big conference.

Here are the attendees of the round table:

and the board of the German society:

  • Kai Schaeffer
  • Mark Ostermann
  • Dirk Niemeyer
  • Norbert Wessel


09:30 Introduction of parties

11:00 Discussion

13:00 lunch break

14:00 Working on Project Paper

18:00 helping Schaeffer with preparation of next day



Round Table FAQ[edit]

But which one (organisation) is legitimated depends on the people who are working in a project. [1]

Are there any decisions planed within this round?
No. The decisions - if there are any at all - will be made at the conference. All decisions will be taken by the community.
Why did you choose a closed round with a limited number of participations?
We want to make measurable progress and unfortunately such discussion in an open big round are nearly impossible as experience shows. If the discussions in the past had brought us somewhere we would not choose to go this way.
Why is not <Name> on the list?
As you can imagine: To select the people was a the hardest part. We have many valuable contributors here but we limited it for practical reasons. We tried to pick the core members from our perception. We humbly asking for understanding it.
You are talking about “structural problems within the project”. I don't see any problems, where are they?
ADempiere started as a totally open project and many people gained commit rights. The project is growing faster and faster and we are starting to get quality problems and discussion are getting more and more difficult and regularly end without any results or actions. We stongly believe, that we need organisational structures that can keep up with the speed of the project allow further growth. We think this is substantial for the survival of the project.


We suggest some hotels and hostels located in Berlin-Mitte and in Berlin-Marienfelde.

Berlin-Mitte is the central borough of Berlin and encompasses Berlin's historic core. The area includes some of the most important tourist sites of Berlin (like the Museum Island, Brandenburg Gate, Unter den Linden and the Reichstag among others) and there are plenty of bars and restaurants. Traveling time from Berlin-Mitte to the Schaeffer AG (where the conference will most likely take place, as long as the enrolled number of participants is not too high ;-) is about 30 minutes with public transportation.

Berlin-Marienfelde is a mixed industrial and residential area located in the southwest of Berlin. The hotel in Berlin-Marienfelde is situated within walking distance to the Schaeffer AG (ca. 25 minutes by foot).

Hotel Price Location & Directions Comments

The Circus Hotel

Rosenthaler Strasse 1

10119 Berlin-Mitte

Phone +49 -(0)30 - 2000 3939

Fax +49 -(0)30 - 2839 1484



Single from EUR 68

Double from EUR 78

including breakfast

The Circus Hotel is located right at the subwaystation U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin-Mitte.

Directions from the airport/ train station

fully booked

The Circus Hostel

Weinbergsweg 1a

10119 Berlin-Mitte

Phone +49 -(0)30 - 2000 393 9

Fax +49 -(0)30 - 2000 393 699



Hostel style

Single from EUR 40

Double from EUR 28

Ensuite bathroom

Single from EUR 50

Double from EUR 70

The Circus Hostel is located right at the subwaystation U-Bhf. Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin-Mitte.

Directions from the airport/ train station

Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin

Johannisstrasse 11

10117 Berlin-Mitte

Phone +49 (0)30 290 03300

Fax +49 (0)30 290 44717



Single from EUR 40

Double from EUR 30

The Heart of Gold Hostel Berlin is located right at the trainstation S-Bahn Oranienburger Straße in Berlin-Mitte.

Honigmond Hotel

Tieckstraße 12

10115 Berlin-Mitte

Phone +49 -(0)30 - 28 44 55 0

Fax +49 -(0)30 - 28 44 55 11


Honigmond Garden Hotel

Invalidenstraße 122

10115 Berlin-Mitte

Phone +49 -(0)30 - 28 44 55 77

Fax +49 -(0)30 - 28 44 55 88




(only in German, sorry ;-)

Single from EUR 95

Double from EUR 89

The Honigmond Hotel is located in walking distance from the S-Bahn Station "Nordbahnhof" in Berlin-Mitte.

Alte Dorfaue

Alt-Marienfelde 41

12277 Berlin-Marienfelde

Phone +49 (0)30 723 203 11

Fax +49 (0)30 723 203 12



(only in German)

Single from EUR 36

Double from EUR 31 (per person)

The Alte Dorfaue is located in walking distance from the Schaeffer AG in Berlin-Marienfelde. fully booked

Visa Information[edit]

Please check if you need a visa for a short stay (Schengen Visa) and a "letter of invitation" for your visa application in order to participate at the conference.

You find all relevant information and application forms on the web site of the German Department of Foreign Affairs

including a table of countries whose citizens require/ do not require visas to enter Germany

Responsible for issuing visas are the missions of the Federal Republic of Germany, i.e. the German embassy and consulate-general in your home country.

Visa holders are as a rule required to have travel health insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000 that is valid for the entire Schengen area. If possible this insurance should be taken out in your own country, but it can also be purchased by us as hosts.

As far as needed, the ADempiere Deutschland e.V. will contract a health insurance for incoming visitors in Germany valid for seven days.

If you need a "letter of invitation" including a confirmation of the health insurance for incoming visitors for your visa application, please send the following details for each person that requires a visa to Carolina (cg_at_schaeffer-ag.de):

  • First name as stated in the passport
  • Family name as stated in the passport
  • Birthday
  • Passport number
  • Nationality
  • Date of arrival in Germany
  • Date of departure in Germany

Please take into consideration the time needed to contract the insurance and the time required to process your visa application ("the missions require between two and ten working days to decide on an application for a short stay visa" - quote for the web site of the German Department of Foreign Affairs).

Therefore: please send your requests for a "letter of invitation" until May 15th to Carolina!

Call for Paper - Closed[edit]

Community members are gathering from all the world so we should make our time the best we can. Therefore we start a call for paper. Please add your ideas, issues, topics that you want to adress in the list below under the category of Workshop, Hacking and Community including your name, estimated time (e.g. 2 hours). If you feel that a category is missing feel free to give us input on the discussion page.

1) Workshops Definition: A community member presents a complex issue to other community members to train, create common sense or get feedback.

OSGi-based extension framework (joergviola)

I could give an overview of the OSGi-based extension framework and its status and future.

SaaS (globalqss)

3E_WebServices (globalqss)

Localization Colombia as extension approach (globalqss)

Scripts (globalqss)

Adempiere best practices (globalqss)

Overview of Replication functionality in Ademepire. Capabilities and what it can do. (trifon)

Overview of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - EDI X.12 and EDIFACT. (trifon)

Business Inteligence(BI) with Pentaho and Adempiere. (trifon)

Business Inteligence(BI) with Kettle and Palo as OLAP cube for ADempiere. (alpohl)
  • How to design a OLAP cube
  • How to integrate
  • Implementation of Kettle / Pentaho Data Integration
  • Integration with Datev and integration with similar accounting packages
Libero Manufacturing 2 hours (vpj-cd)
  • Forecast
  • BOM & Workflow
  • MRP
  • CRP
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Manufacturing Standard Cost

Libero Payroll 1 hours (vpj-cd)

Presentation of the ADempiere implementation of Schaeffer AG. (kai7, kthiemann)

Overview of SpagoBI - BI Platform (Charly Clairmont)
  • Presentation of SpagoBI
  • Main features
    • Analytical Model
    • Behavior Model
  • Demo with Roberto Plazetti
    • Open Door : an integration of Adempiere with SpagoBI

2) Hacking Definition: Community members work on a issue that is more likely to be fixed when developer sit face to face.

Solve Base Language problem

>We tried that already at the last german community >meeting which led into finding
>a solution approach of the base language problem.
I would like to propose to have the same session and to finish this functionality.
My proposal is to work again on No Base Language feature.

3) Community Definition: This track contains community-related issues that are difficult to be discussed in forums or chats.

  • Red1 Key note
  • Kai Key note

ADempiere Web page