ADempiere/Compiere JasperReports Integration

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This project provides an add-on for the ADempiere/Compiere ERP/CRM system for using JasperReports reports under ADempiere/Compiere, you can deploy your reports on target client or on ADempiere/Compiere Application Server. Reports are downloaded and compiled only if needed. License GPL

At this moment Jasper Reports is already integrated into the ADempiere code. Big thanks to Trifon, Alejandro, Johannes and Heng Sin. And BIG THANKS to Sergey Vishniakov for the seed of this movement.

If you want to integrate it with older versions, visit take a look here [Old_JasperReports_Integration_HowTo] or visit here to download a file (PDF format) with small step-by-step tutorial, contributed by Sergey Vishniakov

HowTo Configure[edit]

If you have integrated JasperReport with ADempiere, now you should configure your system to utilize the reports. Here is a step by step < How To > contributed by Afalcone.

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