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Via Skype[edit]

We have established an account to allow for ADempiere members to speak together for group conferences. You can call with SKYPE for free. It can allow up to 500 participants.

From Skype:

  • click on Dial
  • (at the bottom box) enter +990008275175839
  • click on the Call icon as usual.

There shall be a moderator to administer the place. At the same time, you can be in your #adempiere room to receive any written instructions. You may be muted, and need to key in a code to get access to speech.

When Do We Chat?[edit]

We have set every Friday 1500hrs GMT as our get together. Pls suggest the agenda here at the SourceForge Forum. 1500hrs GMT is Malaysia 11pm (GMT+8), or California 7am (GMT-8). Check your local GMT points to add to 1500hrs and you will now when to login.

What Do We Chat About?[edit]

Good question.

You can propose anything you would like in this thread:

If you have no Skype[edit]

You can still join in via a land phone!

  • Calling from the US call # 1-605-475-8590 (long distance costs apply).
  • In Europe, call:
    • Austria 0820 400 01562
    • Belgium 0703 59 987
    • France 0826 100 266
    • Germany 01805 00 7620
    • UK 0870 119 1313

The conference is free but national rate charges will apply to these calls.


I also noticed this posting elsewhere, but am not sure if it still applies...

-10 November 2006 has now a limited access line in Australia that they are testing! The access line can have two concurrent callers, and anyone else would need to dial into any of their other access lines or use Skype to access the conference. The Australian access number is +61 283 078 824.

Your Conference Room Number is : 5175839

Send a conference invitation to participants

Please read the User Guide before your call.

Features Available During the Conference[edit]

Web Controls for call muting, conference locking and unlocking.

(*1) Play menu of features so you know what's available

(*2) Mute your own line so other people can't hear you talking

(*3) Unmute your line so you can contribute to the conference

(*4) Hear the number of callers who are on the conference

(*0) Increase volume. Press repeatedly to keep increasing the volume

(*#) Decrease volume. Press repeatedly to keep decreasing the volume

Listen to Recorded Conferences[edit]


US:1-712-432-4999 UK:0870 119 2349 National rate charges will apply.

The caller will be asked to enter your Conference Room Number. It is 5175839.

Recording Features:

0# Play the most recent recording. Reference number followed by # to play another recording (in which the reference number is known).

0 To hear the menu of playback options.

1 To rewind 3 seconds.

2 To restart playback from the beginning.

3 To fast forward 3 seconds.

4 To rewind 15 seconds.

5 To pause/resume playback of recording.

6 To fast forward 15 seconds.

7 To rewind 2 minutes.

8 To start playback one minute from end of recording.

9 To fast forward 2 minutes.

(*) To increase volume of playback (may be pressed repeatedly to increase volume).

(#) To decrease volume of playback (may be pressed repeatedly to decrease volume).


Sponsored by Idalica covers the monthly subscription fee to enable the advanced functionality such as recording the conversations.