Accounting Kernel Certification

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The Accounting Kernel of your ERP system is required to be certified in certain countries.

The road map to certification of the Adempiere Accounting Kernel is as follows:

  1. Document the accounting consequences of all system products journals
  2. Document the compliance with IFRS
  3. Integrate any recommendations from the AFG
  4. Integrate automated testing of Accounting Kernel
  5. Document any Client level configuration parameters required to ensure IFRS IFRS Compliance Recommendations
  6. Present documentation to System Auditor


Technical Scope[edit]

What is the scope of the Accounting Engine[edit]

From: By: trifonnt

From technical(java) point of view accounting engine start from the moment when Accounting thread invokes Doc_Xxx class. Like Doc_Invoice. Doc_Xxx is responsible to create and post proper accounting transaction for given document. At Client level developer can assign custom classes which can handle posting of accounting transactions(java interface org.compiere.model.ModelValidator). I think that if this certification require non compatible changes with other accounting standards we can a check box and activate functionality on demand.