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The Business Partner Info dialog displays information about business partners.

Note.gif Note:

There is another menu item Partner Relations{{#if: Business Partner Rules |  » Business Partner Rules }}{{#if:   |  »   }}{{#if: |  »  }}{{#if: |  »  }}{{#if: Business Partner Info|Business Partner Info|BusinessPartnerInfo }} Window of the same name. Both provide the similar information but the {{#if: Business Partner Info|Business Partner Info|BusinessPartnerInfo }} Window has much more detail.


Icon: Icon InfoBPartner24.png
Menu: →Business Partner Info }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: <Ctrl><Alt>I


To see the Business Partner Info window, your role must have Allow Info BPartner checked in the {{#if: |{{{2}}}|Role }} Window.


The Business Partner Info is a standard info dialog as shown below.




The top of the window provides search criteria and, at the bottom are four buttons along with the standard cancel and confirm controls.

The percent character '%' can be used as a wild card in the search criteria.

The search criteria can be modified by the two radio buttons:

  • Customers/Vendors Only which will limit the search to customers or vendors respectively. The form will default to Customers Only unless you are viewing a window that has Sales Transaction unchecked.
  • All/Any which will use AND or OR in the search criteria.

The four buttons provide the following functionality:

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For Developers[edit]

Note.gif Note:

Selecting and then double clicking or confirming an Business Partner in the Business Partner Info window will also add the C_BPartner_ID, the associated AD_User_ID (if any) and the associated C_BPartner_Location_ID to the context.

The software the controls this dialog is found in

  • base/src
  • client/src