CC meeting minutes 20130415

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  • Participants
    • Karsten
    • Mario (Secretary)
    • Norbert
    • Ramiro
    • Ricardo
  • Agenda items
  1. Discuss proposal to create an "external" project portal
    • CC team has been asked for the option to create an external, professional looking project protal
    • Decision: Share information about and give permissions to administer a sub site.
  2. Review the project URL status
    • ADeV will be asked to maintain
  3. Public IDs for Contributions
    • CC team has been asked to grant access to the central id server for new developers
    • Norbert will ask the technical team for maintainer of central id server
  4. Next meeting: Monday, May 13th 2013 at 14:00 GMT


[16:01:24] Karsten Thiemann: Ramiro do you want to start?
[16:01:43] Karsten Thiemann: 
1. Discuss Victorś proposal to create an "external" project portal
2. Review the project URL status
[16:01:58] Ramiro Vergara: yes
[16:01:59] Norbert Wessel: chat or skype?
[16:02:07] Karsten Thiemann: skype
[16:02:07] Ramiro Vergara: either
[16:02:15] *** Conference call ***
[16:03:03] Mario Calderón: skyp is quicker
[16:07:08] Karsten Thiemann:
[16:07:35] Karsten Thiemann:
[16:10:54] Norbert Wessel: • Create an extranet for the community, which will consists of the following sections:
o Home : 
§ This section will welcome any interested user of the Adempiere community, besides being an index displaying the most important items of the project (e.g. Info, Community resources, Case Studies, Events.
o About : 
§ This section will show information related to ADempiere as a product itself for final users; its main objective would be to inform the final user about functional characteristics, technology, roadmap and news this regarding.
o Community: 
§ Here, information concerning important community issues will be held, like history, “how to join in and contribute”, a place for publication of CC meetings/minutes, etc. Besides, Behaviour code, FT & TT description, User groups, Videos, Events.
o Contributors: 
§ Here, the main contributors will be enumerated, for example active ADeV members, sponsors, participants and groups.
o Support: 
§ Will show the community assets, IRC, Wiki ,  Forums , Maillist, a section to seek professional guidance from implementators world-wide.
o Documentation: 
§ In this section, the official documentation will be available, embedded access to our Wiki, tutorials, case studies, relevant articles by community members, code examples, published books like ADempiere cookbook. 
o Demos and download: 
§ This page will contain the URL to the demos and other for downloading.
[16:12:36 | Edited 16:12:49] Norbert Wessel: 
1) norbert answers Victors Mail with info what we have already
[16:16:03] Ramiro Vergara:  Joel Stangeland: it's going ok, maybe have a slow time coming up without new projects.
[11:52:06] Joel Stangeland: I have domains for  Does anybody want that?
[11:52:31] Ramiro Vergara: may be ADeV i would have to ask
[11:52:46] Ramiro Vergara: renewal time?
[11:54:04] Joel Stangeland: yes, i have the .com, .net, and .org  up for renewal 6/12
[16:16:38] Norbert Wessel: we have:
[16:19:51] Mario Calderón: 3.- public IDs for Contributions
[16:23:44] Mario Calderón: (party)
[16:26:27] Norbert Wessel: Asynchronous Processing
[16:31:16 | Edited 16:34:13] Norbert Wessel: Todo: Ask Kai to forward applications (Mario)
[16:32:10 | Edited 16:34:07] Norbert Wessel: ToDo: Ask for maintainer of central id in technical team (Norbert)
[16:33:21] Karsten Thiemann: Minutes of meeting: Karsten
[16:35:12] Norbert Wessel: Monday, 13th of May, same time
[16:35:51] *** Call ended, duration 33:32 ***