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The Change Log provides a way to view historical changes to a field.


Icon: Icon ChangeLog24.png
Pop-Up Menu: Change Log


The Change Log entry will appear in the pop-up menu for most fields but the change log will only be kept for fields where the source table has Maintain Change Log selected in the {{#if: Table and Column|Table and Column|TableandColumn }} Window.


When a field in a window has the focus, right-clicking the mouse will bring up a pop-up menu that varies in content with the field type in use. (See Entering Data - Fields and Buttons.) One of the entries will be Icon ChangeLog16.png Change Log. Selecting this entry will open the change log viewer as shown below.




The Change Log viewer shows the New Value, Old Value, the user that made the update and when the update was made.

The data is drawn from the AD_ChangeLog table which can be viewed in the {{#if: Change Audit|Change Audit|ChangeAudit }} Window.

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For Developers[edit]

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • client/src