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  • Civil Works for the construction industry was done some years ago in Compiere251 by Rasidi. He was the very first employed apprentice of Red1 when we first started Compiere in Malaysia as a partner (OpenfIX).
  • Today he joined Red1 in Red Pear, think consultancy company startup to implement ADempiere among major industries in the world while aggresively contributing all informational value back to the bazaar.

Construction Module Review[edit]

Special additional features for Compiere Constructions[edit]

  • BQ Master Setting

To enter the master setting of the BQ. Need to register all the category, task, element and classification to be used by the project. [[Image:]]

  • Project Budget

Here is where the project cost being controlled. In this project budget module the budget of every project category, element and task are defined. The Budget also can be revised for several times. [[Image:]]

  • Project Order (BQ)

Project Order (BQ) will define the details of the project. This module are designed to allow user entering the Project Order(BQ) up to level five. This module also support auto generate LOA to assigned subcontractor. [[Image:]] Bill of Quantity (BQ) Selected overview.jpg

  • Assigning Task to Package and Subcontractor

This module will display the BQ structure base on the selected project and package. Here the user could assigned the specific task to specific subcontractor and to specific package. [[Image:]]

  • Client Workdone Record

For every after certain stage of project user can claims to the client for the work that already done. This Module will assist the user to produce the order of the claim. [[Image:]] Bill of Quantity (BQ) Selected overview2.jpg

  • Client Work done Order


  • Client Material On Site Order

Other than work done, user also may claim for the material that already delivered to the site. This module is use to enter the detail of the material to be claim. [[Image:]]

  • Sub Contractor Letter Of Award (LOA)

LOA are automatically created from Project BQ. In this LOA defined all the task and items that must be done by the contractor. The figure of the item or task can be in the quantity or lumpsum. [[Image:]]

  • Sub Contractor Workdone Record

Sub Contractor Work done Record use to record details of the Progress Claim. Its will also update the progress of the project and preview of the overall project status for this subcontractor in term of total workdone, variation order, retention, performance bond and others. [[Image:]] [[Image:]]

  • Sub Contractor Variation Order

After certain stage of the development, there can be additional works that need to assign to the existing subcontractor. By that reason this functionality provides to record the variation Order. [[Image:]]

Overall Construction Workflow[edit]

Overall Construction Workflow

Construction System Flow[edit]

Construction System Flow

Reference: created by Rasidi.


  • Presently trying 2Pack to export AD out for import into ADempiere.
  • Then source code rationalising into separate jar package for 2Pack.
  • Now at presales stage. Hopefully commencing some live implementations among the top construction industry companies soon using the package and improvements made shall be constantly updated to the 2Pack.

Future Roadmap[edit]



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