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NOTE: Commit Committee has changed, please read new organization and rules on the Committers page



  • Approve/reject patches, contributions, feature requests, new functionality, etc.
  • When the commit committee consider that a feature request or new functionality is big or needs expertise of other community members it will open a public discussion in sourceforge forums

Technical Discussion[edit]

  • Usually a discussion is picked up from the IRC room now designated to #adempiere-team. Any notable discussion that resulted in CC decisions will be reprinted in this wiki.
  • A simple majority of present CC members is sufficient in most cases to make a decision. Lately there has been good atendance from other non-CC members and this is encouraged so as to arrive at the best opinion of things.
  • In cases of dispute the Head of CC may address specifically in forums. The Leader of the Bazaar usually does not vote into the decisions and merely voice his opinions when there is no controversy. Only when the decision of the CC Head been directly disputed by a majority of members that the Bazaar Leader steps in.
  • Following decisions must be known and voted chaired by the Head of Commit Committee:
    • modifying architecture of the system
    • adding functionality
    • moving entries to the dictionary (adding, updating, deleting)
    • roadmap of releases that affects source-codes


Commit Committee Meetings


Module Maintainers[edit]

Given that Adempiere is becoming larger every day, is a good policy to have maintainers by areas.

Please ask here in discussion tab if you want to volunteer to be maintainer of one module or functionality.

Objectives for Module Maintainers are the same objectives of Commit Committee but specific to the area.

Jasper Report Integration[edit]

PostgreSQL Port[edit]