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June 07, Berlin - last day of ADempiere First Conference

ADempiere's Hall of Fame[edit]

  • This page is under deliberation by active and known members of the community. It is under construction. It shall be linked to the contributors link in the ADempiere UI.
  • This page is to honour accepted and tested contributions to the ADempiere Project. Contributors Are Priceless.


  • Kernel or core contributor is the pioneering enterprise by Jorg Janke, Compiere. However it became commercial and is now forked here.
    • ERP Model
    • Application Dictionary
    • Swing and HTML Clients
    • Reporting Engine
    • Accounting Engine
    • Internationalisation (Localisation Engine)
    • Logger Engine Integration
    • Installation and Maintenance Utilities
    • Many foundation and core application modules

User Interface[edit]

Swing Client[edit]

  • Low Heng Sin
    • Logout feature
    • PLAF Themes completion
    • Master Detail and row handling (together with Victor Perez)

HTML Client[edit]

  • Robert Klein

ZK Ajax Client[edit]

  • POSterita (started its important framework)
  • Low Heng Sin (the larger maintainer having contributed vast improvements)

Java POS[edit]

Used from the Java Webstart or Desktop Client.

  1. - OpenXpertya - special thanks to Oscar/LOFX who shared improved code with us when we started adempiere
  2. - Low Heng Sin - the real stabilizer
  3. - Joseph Brower - translator of lots of classes (the code was in spanish)
  4. - Carlos Ruiz - translator of just one little class
  5. - Mario Calderon - showed us that this can work and stabilized even further
  6. - Redhuan D. Oon - small improvements and wrote tutorial.
  7. - ADAXA - further evolution to Touchscreen POS

Web POS[edit]

  • POSterita (larger maintainer via own project [1]
  • Trifon Trifonov (integrator and maintainer of ADempiere version)



  • POSterita - heavy duty connection pooling


  • Bahman

Application Engine[edit]

  • Carlos Ruiz
    • Extensibility model
    • ASP Model (SaaS)
  • ??
    • Rule Scripting Interface
  • Trifon Trifonov
    • Generation of Adempiere Java Interfaces and Implementation classes
  • Low Heng Sin
    • Advanced Search completion (initially from Compiere)
    • LAN Cache Connection and mutltiple window selection
    • Lots of stabilizing
    • Upgrade to latest JBoss, Glassfish and EJB classes

Inventory Module[edit]

  • Fernando Lucktemberg
    • Multiple Warehouse view for alternate strorages.

Accounting Module[edit]

  • Daniel Tamm (Norin) - Accounting Editor

Printing Module[edit]

Libero Modules[edit]

  • e-Evolution
  • Teo Sarca
  • Tony Snook
  • Tim Heath


HR Payroll[edit]


  • Mario Calderon
  • BYU (Birgham Young University) Professors/Students
  • UTS (University of Technology Sydney) Professor/Students
  • Carlos Ruiz
  • Low Heng Sin
  • Sempre
  • Usman88
  • Dirk - German Localisation
  • Red1
  • ...

Present Version[edit]

Infrastructure Support[edit]

  • by Red1
  • by IDALICA
  • HUDSON test server by metas, Germany.

ADempiere Assets, URL, IP and TM Trustees[edit]

  • Red1 for URL
  • IDALICA for ADempiere, Inc, USA and its US Trademark.

(others who wish to declare trusteeship of their ADempiere assets, URLs, IPs, TMs please write to council(at)adempiere(dot)org and send a draft copy (black and white for legal and filing purposes) to ADempiere Deutschland e.V. (temporary filing office) cc to 2 other ADempiere founding council members).

Community Representatives[edit]


ADempiere e.V.



Latin America[edit]