FT/TT meeting minutes 16 Dezember 2010

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Michael and Kai didn't attend the meeting.

  1. Review task list from last meeting
  2. Templates for teams
    • The functional template was discussed. Also OpenBravo's and Carlos Ruiz' functional specification were discussed.
    • Mark Ostermann will revisit the functional template, considering additionally contributors/maintainer, test cases and QA.
    • During next functional/technical team meeting, the modified template will be discussed and further elaborated.
  3. Repository (Mercurial)
    • Tobi worked with Mercurial a bit. His opinion: technically, it is possible and recommendable to switch off SVN right now and start working with Mercurial.
    • In order to provide for a smooth transition, Tobi will write a clear and understandable document explaining how to switch to Mercurial in eclipse; other members of technical/functional teams will go over it.
    • The document will cover also branches, trunk and stable revisions, creating change sets and cooperating with PMC.
    • It was decided to switch to Mercurial, but it was accorded not to set a time line for it.
    • As we move forward with release and codebase, it will be decided when to switch to Mercurial.
    • Mercurial will be an agenda item for next meeting.
  4. Codebase
    • Codebase and Mercurial will be implemented in separate steps. The reason: not to take too many risks at once.
    • It was unanimously decided that trunk the official codebase is and will continue to be for the ADempiere project.
    • OSGI is undoubtedly the future, but as many questions are still open, it was decided it not to become the immediate codebase.
    • OSGI will be released with ADempiere Suite Test.
    • The technical team (and volunteers from the community) will continue working in the matter, as red1 and Hengsin Low are doing right now.
    • Release of codebase will be item of next meeting.
  5. Next meeting
    • We will meet next on Thursday, Dezember 23th, 2010 at the same time (15:00 hours GMT)