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This document describes how to create well formed bug reports for the problems you find in ADempiere.

  • Always search the bug trackers first, in case you find the bug already reported check if you can add any useful information to the bug report
  • Assign a useful Summary or Subject: describe the bug in 60 characters or fewer. Be pithy, be precise, and be concise (in the subject, but be verbose in the explanation). A developer should be able to read the summary and say, "Oh, that's what the bug is about." A bad summary is "Adempiere isn't working!" Remember, people searching for bugs will often search the summary. Make a good impression: the summary should tell the developer whether or not to look into the bug.
  • Provide detailed steps to reproduce:
    • You must provide steps to reproduce the problem in a plain GardenWorld fresh installed database, without customizations or new packages installed, otherwise the chance to be peer reviewed is very little.
    • Take into account that *steps to reproduce* is the most important part of the bug report, please:
      • Be specific -> i.e. I opened the window XYZ and created a new record filling the fields with the values Name=ABC, Code=XYZ ...
      • Be verbose -> more is better than less when providing information for a developer to reproduce your problem
      • Be careful of pronouns
      • Read what you wrote
      • Read this guide

Template to file a bug report

Adempiere Version : <Copy from: About>
Operating System (OS and version):
Database (engine and version):
Java version:

Last migration script applied: 

What steps will reproduce the problem?

What is the expected result?

What happens instead?

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if possible.