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CRM and presales activities need integration with telephony applications. All companies today have at the very least a small PBX. If acempiere can provide an out of the box integration with Asterisk for CRM / Presales and potentially other roles that have not occurred to me (imagine telephony being included in the menu next to clients/ contacts/leads etc... ).

Functional advantages[edit]

Integration with Asterisk would be another key vertical integration that would add an important function to the ADempiere stack and further improve its standing vis-a-vis other free standing ERP/CRM systems. Centric/salesforce already have integration with telephony/VoIP solutions, ADempiere will not be a serious contender in the CRM space without such functionality.


  • Approach A - Integrate with Centric CRM and get asterisk integration 'out of the box'
  • Approach B - Improve the CRM functions of ADempiere and use the Zimbra integration as the 'gateway to Asterisk' making Zimbra the central focus of all external related functions (e-mails / meeting / messages / telephony).
  • Approach C: the CLI-CE project.
  • Approach D: use Asterisk-Java library

--hayder 17:06, 17 June 2007 (EDT)

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