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The Invoice Info window displays a list of invoices based on query criteria.


Icon: Icon Info24.png
Menu: →Invoice Info }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: none
Field: Invoice


To see the Invoice Info window, your role must have Allow Info Invoice checked in the {{#if: |{{{2}}}|Role }} Window.


The Invoice Info window opens with the following screen. At the top are boxes for search criteria which include:

  • the Invoice Document Number;
  • the Invoice Description - often used to hold the customer/vendor's invoice number;
  • the referring order;
  • the Business Partner;
  • the date range invoiced;
  • the Grand Total amount invoiced;
  • a toggle for sales transactions or purchases and
  • a toggle for paid invoices.




The top of the window provides search criteria and, at the bottom are three buttons along with the standard cancel and confirm controls.

The percent character '%' can be used as a wild card in the search criteria.

The search criteria can be modified by the two radio buttons:

  • Sales Transaction which will limit the search to sales to customers if checked and purchases from vendors if unchecked.
  • Paid which will Limit the search to only paid invoices if checked.

The Date Invoiced can be entered as a range with a from/to date pair or singly.

The Grand Total can be entered as a range or singly. The left amount is the From amount and is used in the query as Grand_Total >= From_Amount. The right amount is the To Amount and is used as Grand_Total <= To_Amount. If both the From Amount and To Amount are entered, the query uses "BETWEEN ? AND ?". If From_Amount and To_Amount are equal, the query is simply Grant Total = From_Amount.

The three buttons at the bottom left provide the following functionality:

If the Invoice Info window is opened from a search field, double clicking or confirming a selection will fill that field with the selected invoice ID.

For Developers[edit]

Note.gif Note:

Selecting and then double clicking or confirming an invoice in the Invoice Info window will also add the C_Invoice_ID and associated C_InvoicePaySchedule_ID (if any) to the context.

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • base/src
  • client/src