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Libero Swing POS Client

Who Are Behind Libero?[edit]

Early History[edit]

Excellent BOM Structure Layout

e-Evolution had been working for a long time with proprietary ERP’s mainly with customers which produce goods.

The experience working in such environment had been successful but we know of a big quantity of SME which continued working with semi manual systems. e-Evolution, then thought to make a new ERP to offer to SME as a solution for their needs; however, some other people were skepticals about start a new ERP from scratch.

One day I told my partners about a new open source ERP which had really a powerful developing tool integrated, that would permit us to extend its functionality easily toward the customers needs. Using this Software we could offer a good, cheap product to the market.

When we decided to create a new enterprise to offer ERP services, many prospects asked us about a manufacturing solution, then, thinking we had the theoretical knowledge, because we had been members of the Mexico Chapter of APICS, and we had field experience we decided to extend the application to Manufacturing.

We used two excellent basements: The APICS researchs and the systems infrastructure of Adempiere.

Currently we think we have gotten a very good, professional manufacturing system. This will satisfies every general requirement of our customers and it has a flexible design which permit us to create new features to cover the special requirements of the market.

Kinds regards

Victor Perez



Powerd By e-Evolution[edit]

The following are all Libero Functionalities introduced into ADempiere and powered by e-Evolution based in Mexico and have operations in Venezuela, Equador and Republic Dominicana.

Concept and Foundation[edit]

Manufacturing Resource Planning[edit]

Towards Operations Management[edit]

Planning, Execution to Control

The Planning, Execution and Control of Manufacturing covers the aspects of priority planning, capacity planning, priority control and capacity control.

Priority Planning: It responds the questions of which products, in which amounts and when the material is required (if this does not work any of the other functions work well).

  • Which Material I need and when I need to receive it.
  • Tools: MRP.

Capacity Planning: It responds the questions of whichever time is needed and in where.

  • What time I need and when I need it.
  • Tools: CRP.

Control of Priorities: It verifies the execution of the planning of priorities.

  • shows the status of all the operations in each facility.
  • Tools: Shop Floor Control (Dispatch List).

Control of Capacities: It verifies that the capacities in each center of work stay in the planned levels.

  • planned Capacity Present VERSUS.
  • Tools: Control of floor (Input/output Control).

Manufacture based on Theory of Constraint TOC coming soon ...


Subject Matter[edit]

Libero Manufacturing covers all manufacturing activity within the various types of production environments, it totaly integrates into Compiere. Kompiere Libero Manufacturing has joined ADempiere project and is now been integrated into ADempiere as a plugin.

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