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Report: RfQ Unanswered[edit]

Description : Outstanding RfQ Responses

Help : Lists Responses of active RfQs (not closed/processed) where the Response is not marked as complete.

ReportView Name: RV_C_RfQ_UnAnswered

ManPageR RfQUnanswered.png


Name Description Help Technical Data
RfQ Topic Topic for Request for Quotations A Request for Quotation Topic allows you to maintain a subscriber list of potential Vendors to respond to RfQs C_RfQ_Topic_ID


RfQ Request for Quotation Request for Quotation to be sent out to vendors of a RfQ Topic. After Vendor selection, optionally create Sales Order or Quote for Customer as well as Purchase Order for Vendor(s) C_RfQ_ID


Response Date Date of the Response Date of the Response DateResponse


Is Range: Y