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Key Performance Indicator[edit]

  • You can view KPIs according to your role.
  • Each KPI is based on a Measure with formula you can set very quickly or in complex SQL script form.
  • Below is a sample done with a few clicks
  • You can mouse-over each bar and click-through to the record-set.


Setting It Up[edit]

  • When you log into your Client Menu, search for 'Goal'.
  • You will notice under the Performance Analysis item, the Performance Measurement branch opens up.
  • Click on Performance Measure Calculation item


  • You can note that there are already some formulas of measurement already done. We will use the Number of Customers measure. We are going to use this.
  • Note the Date, Partner and Key columns. They are used in determining the occurrence and click-through of the KPI image.
  • Then go to the Menu again and click on Performance Measure item.


  • Create a new record as above.
  • Select your Measure Calculation as the Number of Customers.
  • Now you go to the Performance Goal window to make that new screen appear in the Performance panel.


  • Creat a new record call it anything such as 'New Customers'.
  • Set the Color Schema, Measure Target, Measure set to your new Measure you just created.
  • You can also set the 'Scope', 'Display', and type of chart.
  • You can also deactivate the other goals that you do not want to clutter or appear in the Performance screen.
  • After you are done, log out and log back in to see the new Performance screen as shown at the top.
  • If you do not see the New Customers bar chart, you can double-click on its circular dial on the left panel and it will open its bar chart box.
  • Mouse over each bar and you will see info highlighted indicating the record set values.
  • Double click on the bar and it shall open up the Business Partner window with the set of records for that particular month.

Thanks To[edit]

  • Performance is originally the work from the parent Compiere project.
  • After the fork, ADempiere's version has undergone some changes by Victor Perez of e-Evolution and more greatly by Stefan Kuthan of Austria. You can view his other works here Adempiere GUI Enhancements.
  • Myself red1 for writing up this page. Hope this adds more to my ranking :)