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During all off 15 years of study and reasearch, I've built business and technical management core skills that I've had the chance to apply in several BPR projects. I've a thorough understanding of ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence tools. At the moment I'm a public manager of Regione Sardegna.

Where do I come from

I'm from Sardinia (Cagliari), a beautiful island in the center of Mediterranean Sea, with a very ancient history. Sardinians are very proud of their origins and they are very hospitable people. For more information you can look at SardegnaTurismo, and Sardegna3D


Adempiere 3.6 Cookbok is an essential but complete manual for specialists, developers, and integrators of Adempiere Open Source ERP. The book focuses exclusively on the extension and customization capabilities of Adempiere ERP software, completely leaving out the basic configuration aspects. The topics are covered in a succinct but comprehensive way, embracing several Adempiere ERP integration aspects: web services, Jasper Report, PayPal integration, Mondrian BI.

A book /manual for specialists, complete, practical and well illustrated, for professional integration of this unique ERP.



SourceForge Projects[edit]

Compiere Business Intelligence: an Integration of JPivot/Mondrian project into Compiere ERP/CRM

Envision: a Data Mining Tool for Business Analysis and Modeling, based on MySQL and Weka

Adempiere/Compiere Contributions[edit]


Italian Localization:

Flash Italian Courses: