Release 312

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  • Rebranding from Compiere 260a (forking point)
  • PostgreSQL 8.2 with alias and multi update support ((beta - release candidate)
  • Global 24 X 7 supported beta testings and implementations
  • OracleXE ready
  • Java6 compatibility
  • Better and faster than Compiere 260a

Supporting Accessories[edit]

  • Migration tool from Compiere 253a/253b/ or ADempiere 310/311
  • 3rd party modules plug-in architecture based on 2pack
  • VMWare Appliance on PostgreSQL and Linux (fast demo without install)
  • Howto Install movies using Flash


  • Logout option (to allow faster relogin without restarting ADempiere)
  • Window Menu option to switch easily
  • Enhanced Preferences Options:
    • Reorganised layout
    • Single Instance per Window
    • Open Window Maximized
    • Validate Connection on Startup
    • Pluggable Look and Feel (PLAF) Theme Selection UI
  • OnLine HELP link to ADempiereWIKI
  • Amount in Words in Polish language
  • Removal of Compiere spyware statistics tracker
  • Grant Independence to GenerateModel from AD_Table_ID
  • Allow GenerateModel filtered by table (LIKE)
  • Process HELP and Parameters integrated in single window
  • Delete Selection (more than one entry)

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • New theme stability
  • Report View scrolling
  • Close email dialog button broken
  • Request processor
  • Wrong due date management in Request Processor
  • Bad table reference in MMovementLine
  • Avoid showing database password in log (security breach)
  • Block navigation to child tab when parent tab is empty or new
  • Error message prompt twice when changing tab
  • Copy record should ignore Posted and IsReconciled column
  • Fixed Oracle setup bug where local tnsname must match server service name
  • Fixed UI quirks when running under windows and plastic look and feel
  • Table row height too narrow
  • Table cell renderer and editor using different font


Work in progress[edit]

Stabilizing works and testing for:

  • Fyracle database Port
  • PostgreSQL database port
  • Fixed Assets module