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This page is also to honour this version's contributors and testers. Pls inform me to edit it if i left out anyone - Red1 22:18, 27 December 2006 (EST)

NOTE: 3.1.3 generated with revision 1071



Mirror site for Asia (due to Taiwan quake affecting web). SourceForge will be uploaded soon.

From SourceForge[edit]


  • Improved database independence (Hengsin, Kontro, CarlosRuiz)
  • Permanent and completely open migration script for previous versions (Karsten Thiemann)
  • Online Help Manual and Tutorials (Alejandro, Moyses, CarlosRuiz)
  • GPL Licensed and reusable in Compiere


  • Added Show Help option for processes and reports (Juan D. Arboleda - developer, CarlosRuiz - integrator, Idalica - sponsor)
  • Improvements on ADempiere service starter for linux (CarlosRuiz)
  • Improvements on RUN_Import for Oracle and Oracle-XE (CarlosRuiz)
  • Enhanced service starter for Windows (CarlosRuiz) (based on JavaService.exe, renamed to AdempiereService.exe)
  • Enhanced service starter for Linux (CarlosRuiz)
  • Enhanced Windows Launcher (Hengsin)
  • Inefficient use of constructors on generate model (Teo Sarca)
  • Added customization.jar and patches.jar to classpath (CarlosRuiz, Hengsin)
    • This is to allow implement critical or security patches without releasing a new version, and even implement customizations. In future an auto-update feature can be implemented this way.

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Bugs on Import Business Partner process fixed (CarlosRuiz)
  • Column not updateable error when new record (CarlosRuiz)
  • Phase Line not showing in projects (CarlosRuiz)
  • Bank statement's StatementDifference becames NULL (Teo)
  • Client setup creates duplicate trees (Teo)
  • Posible problem for LastPO costing, Batch/Lot level (Teo)
  • Minor typo problem in class org.compiere.print.Viewer (Teo)
  • Replenish report fails when no records in m_storage (Chris Farley)
  • 3.1.2 version doesn't allow to save Users or BP Contacts (CarlosRuiz)
  • Minor typo error affecting History button (CarlosRuiz)
  • Usability: complete shipment with mandatory ASI (Teo)
  • Minor bug on importing calendar date (Teo)
  • Diff between pl/sql and sqlj in DueDays (CarlosRuiz)
  • Payment Selection Line problem when selecting invoice (Teo)


  • PostgreSQL Patch submitted by HengSin
    • Some entry in ad_process still refer to oracle store procedure name instead of java class name.
    • Application sometimes hang while waiting for database lock, reported in bug [ 1597254 ]

Work in progress[edit]

  • ddlutils integration (Hengsin)
  • Stabilization of postgresql port (Hengsin)
  • Stabilization of 2Pack (CarlosRuiz)
  • Java port for Synchronize Terminology (Mareck)
  • More rebranding (CarlosRuiz, Alejandro, Hengsin)
  • Speed up Financial Reports (Hengsin)
  • Modifications to work in java 6 (Victor Perez, Kisitomomo)
    • WARNING NOTE - new JDBC4 method not supported by Compiere DB layer (Hengsin)

User Acceptance Testing[edit]

  • Extensive testing, reporting bugs with ready remedies
    • guyferds
    • usman88
    • Johnny (joaovieirabr)
    • Charlie (tyarli)

ADempiere Bazaar[edit]

There is a saying that nothing is good, cheap, and fast all at the same time. Well, this is it. As a global connected community effort, the direction taken is speedy and of quality and remains free and guess what? It is going exponential! We now celebrate our one week into top numero uno rank in SourceForge. Kudos to the bazaar! To those thousands who help read, test, use, posted bugs, comments, and moral support, expect the greatest next phenomenon after Linux. And of course a special mention for the giant whose shoulders we leap from - Jorg Janke, founder of Compiere.