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ADempiere Release 380LTS is scheduled for release on 1 January 2015.

Upgrading Instructions[edit]

New in ADempiere 3.8.0 is a migration tool that makes migration of the database and upgrading the software simple. For most implementations, you will only need to do the following:

  • Shutdown your application server
  • Backup your database and make of copy of your software installation
  • Download the release software archive and install the software
  • Build the software with RUN_Setup or RUN_SilentSetup
  • NEW RUN_ImportReference to load the new seed as a reference database
  • NEW RUN_Migrate
  • Start the application server and enjoy.

RUN_Migrate is a new tool that makes it simple to migrate between versions of ADempiere or Compiere. The tool will migrate your database and provide information on things that require user intervention. Learn more on the Migrate page.

For more detailed instructions on upgrading your software to 380LTS, see Upgrading and Migration


ADempiere 3.8.0 includes a number of new functional and technical enhancements as well as numerous bug fixes.

The functional highlights include:

  • New Sales Management (CRM) capability that provides for lead and opportunity tracking
  • New XML based AD Migration tool aimed at replacing the database dependent SQL scripts. The xml versions are database independent and are easy to generate and maintain
  • Allocation differences can now be allocated to a charge other than a write-off
  • The ability to import Workflows has been included.
  • New Cashflow Management use sales orders, accounts receivable, purchase orders, accounts payable, miscellaneous income and expenses to generate a cashflow report
  • Expanded dunning capabilities provides the ability to define pluggable Dunning Sources and create Dunning Candidates. Works with the existing Dunning Grace functionality. Dunning candidates can be processed to Dunning Documents or written off
  • The Mobile WebUI functionality has been integrated
  • Warehouse Management implements functionality for advanced warehouse management using outbound rules and outbound orders. Shipments can be created using a consolidation of multiple sales orders, express receipt transactions. Transactions can be generated using a barcode reader
  • Lookup and Info forms have been improved so that the buttons provide information about the record in the search field. Searches will function regardless of the choice how the fields are displayed. New functionality has been added to the forms as well to reduce duplicate entries and provide cleaner subordinate information
  • Both Complete MRP , CRP , DRP (Libero) and Light (Adaxa) manufacturing are supported
  • Libero Human Resources have been added, including a wide range of HR management tasks
  • GL Accounts can be automatically or manually reconciled. The Account Reconciliation functionality is designed to assist in reconciling suspense/clearing type General Ledger accounts and reporting on the records that make up the balance of a clearing account at a particular point in time
  • A configurable dashboard has been added
  • A ROLE Template has been added
  • A multi-currency aging report has been created that will revalue non-system currencies on a specific date
  • A New Costing Engine has been added to address problems with the various costing models
  • The GL Journal Line has been simplified to allow creation of account combinations based on the selection of the values of dimension fields, making it much easier for the user to use
  • Attribute sets, Attribute use and instances can be imported.

Technically, release 3.8.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Java version 7 can now be used
  • The InteliJ IDE is now supported
  • A new one-step process has been created for initial client setup, including tax configuration.
  • A Password Hash to store user passwords in a secure way
  • A Memo Alert can now be triggered when selecting a business partner or product in any window.
  • The ability to hide certain columns in the grid view
  • Print formats can be easily copied with intelligent copying of any included print format items.
  • Random documents and test data can be generated for demonstrations
  • A configurable "Smart Browser" allows the user to define views and present information without having to use database tools.
  • An auto-complete feature has been added and can be used on search fields
  • A Process gear can be added to any window
  • Entities can now be deleted
  • 2Pack feature has been updated to support the new functionality
  • Minitables (swing) and Listboxes (ZK) have a new event on row selection to reduce the number of events fired
  • Storage cleanup will now deal with non-instance (product only) ASIs and these can be selected in Inventory Move Lines.


  • HTML report presentation has been improved
  • An XLS option is available for Jasper Reports
  • Range based lookup has been implemented on windows based on the selection columns
  • Included Tabs are displayed horizontally
  • Currency exchange rate conversion now use the date of the payment/invoice
  • Integrated Pedro's Report Line Improvements - Smart Reports
  • Unaccent-String function in Oracle was corrected
  • Field "Has Role" was added to the User window to indicate if the user has assigned roles
  • A Bank Statement Line tab was added to the Payment window
  • Manufacturing planning data tab has been added to the Product window
  • SMJ Report fixes
  • A "select all" check box has been added to the header in Swing mini tables to have common functionality with the ZK UI
  • The presentation of periods in report parameters has been changed to sort by start date
  • An alert has been added to Internal User Inventory if the on-hand quantity is less than the internal use quantity
  • Fixed the Class Not Found Exceptions while executing the Copy Account Process in Product Category, Business Partner Group and Accounting Schema windows.
  • Build and install scripts have been improved
  • The Zk mini-tables now support color rows

All 370 patches and 371 hot fixes are included.

Major new functionality[edit]

The following sections provide details about the new features and the reviews that were performed to decide on including them.

Contributor: Adaxa[edit]

Contributor: e-Evolution[edit]

  • Inclusion of Libero MFG and HR code fully integrated in Adempiere Libero Management
    • Up to now, both MFG and HR are available only as packages. This makes debugging more difficult.
    • The model (I_ and X_ files) and the database tables/columns are already integrated in Adempiere.
  • Forecast Management : Implements functionality for the forecast based on the historical invoices, using multiple methods of calculation.
  • New Costing Engine : Implements new costing engine, solve a lot the issues with costing with reversal document, early transactions and costing adjustment, landed cost.
  • Cashflow Management : Use sales orders, accounts receivable, purchase orders, accounts payable, miscellaneous income and expenses to generate a cashflow report
  • Warehouse Management : Implements functionality for the advanced warehouse management using outbound rules and outbound order, Allows create shipments using of consolidation of multiple sales orders, express receipt transactions , so as generated any transaction using barcode reading

Contributor: Metas[edit]

  • New Dunning Functionality : Possibility to define Pluggable Dunning Sources and create Dunning Candidates. Works with existing Dunning * Grace Functionality. Dunning These can be processed to Dunning Documents.

Contributor: Walkingtree[edit]

  • Human Resources Recruitment Management and administration info

Minor new functionality[edit]

Contributor: Adaxa[edit]

Contributor: Michael McKay[edit]

Contributor: e-Evolution[edit]

Contributor: Metas[edit]

  • Process Gear in Window : Possibility to define and call processes from Window Icon for each Window.
  • Autocomplete : Configurable autocomplete Functionality for Search Fields. Autocomplete steered by Identifier.

Technical new features[edit]

Contributor: Adaxa[edit]

Contributor: e-Evolution[edit]

Contributor: Walkingtree[edit]

Contributors: Stefan Christians Sponsors: K.K. Alice[edit]