Release 380LTS Community Test

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Pre-Release Community Tests (ADempiere 3.8)[edit]

In preparation for the next stable Release of ADempiere 3.8, it is necessary to Review the Bugs-/ Features included in the new Version

Everybody is invited to take part. Everyone can help. Come help us get this release out!

Step by Step[edit]

  1. Visit the bug tracker and create an account if you don't have one already
  2. Select a feature from Release of ADempiere 3.8 and test it AND/OR visit the Release 380LTS Test Plan to document test cases and results.
  3. Add issues to the bug tracker as you discover them.
  4. Keep the Release 380LTS Test Plan status up-to-date as you go.

Test Sites[edit]

Guestbook for participants[edit]

You want to participate in the community testing of the ADempiere 3.8 release, then sign your name here:

You would like to participate but still don't know how?[edit]

If you have further questions about participating, then just visit us on IRC (, room #adempiere) or in ADempiere Forum and we'll try to answer them.