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Project Team[edit]


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Functional Specs[edit]




  • Peter Bonev - 450 EURO


Finish off the Cash Payments functionality. Described here

Screen shots[edit]

Payment window[edit]

Added new Tender Type and new Field. Payment Window - Modified fields

Payment window - Status line[edit]

Status Line shows more information for generated Cash Journal. Payment Window - Status Line

Cash Journal window[edit]

Cash Journal description shows document number of Payment. Cash Journal - Generated new record

Optional tasks[edit]

Contribution Requests[edit]


Accounting Consequences[edit]

  • Armen Rizal proposed to complete the cash payment by correcting the accounting consequences.

Cash Payment functionality

 1. AP Payment to charge:
 Charge            DR
 Cash-In-Transit   CR
 In Cash Journal:
 Cash-In-Transit DR
 Cash Asset      CR
 2. AP Payment to invoice:
 No Post
 In Payment Allocation:
 Account Payable  DR
 Cash-In-Transit  CR
 In Cash Journal:
 Cash-In-Transit DR
 Cash Asset      CR
 or better (if community think so) ...
 In AP Payment to invoice:
 Cash Payment Selection DR
 Cash-In-Transit        CR  
 In Payment Allocation:
 Account Payable        DR
 Cash Payment Selection CR
 In Cash Journal:
 Cash-In-Transit DR
 Cash Asset      CR
 Note: Better proposal is to add two new default account Cash Payment Selection and Unallocated Cash Receipt 
 which are similar to Payment Selection and Unallocated Receipt of Bank Account.


Bug Issue raised by Red1 [1].

  • Are there any other impact? For one, i suspect there is related Rev 6743 [2] by Trifon deprecates the POS Sales from directly creating a Cash Journal entry. If it is so deprecated, shouldn't the POS Sales create a Payment with Cash rule now? If so, where is this done?
  • The idea now is to revert Rev 6743 allowing back a Cash Journal to be created via a POS Sales or Cash Invoice. This would mean the Cash Payment is redundant in these cases.

Vote for inclusion into trunk[edit]