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GPL v2 - the same as Adempiere.

Project Team[edit]


Joel Stangeland

Functional Specs[edit]

Joel Stangeland





  • Inbound processing - Working!
    • Develop componenet on JBoss Server which checks for new EDI documents on specified server(FTP).
    • Develop Adempiere class which handle import of EDI document into Adempiere instance.


Outbound Processing[edit]

  • From the document Invoice (Customer) 8-Invoice (Customer).jpg

hit the "Submit EDI" button. "Submit EDI" button is active only after document is Completed.

Result:9-EDI Result.jpg

    • Runs process that:
      • Look up the DocumentType to see what "Doc Type" to use.
      • Look up the BPartner
      • Look up right "EDI Format", "EDI Processor" for BPartner and DocType.
      • Read the EDI Format and the document lines to construct the EDI document.
        • Get the data strings using ColumnID, and use Type to decide which separator to use.
        • Order them by position.
        • Truncate lengths, validate usage.
      • Using the info from C_EDIProcessor submit the EDI document.

Inbound Processing[edit]

    • Use the scheduler to schedule a process that will poll according to the rules configured on C_EDIProcessor
    • Look up the Business Partner and EDI_DocType to determine which format to use to parse the file and which document type to create.
      • EDI element ST01 stores EDI code. Read this code and look it up in C_EDI_DocType.EDI_Code to return C_EDI_DocType_ID
      • EDI element ISA06 stores Interchange Sender ID. This represents a Business Partner. Read this code and look it up in C_Bpartner.C_EDI_Sender to return C_BPartner_ID.
      • Use C_EDI_DocType_ID and C_BPartner_ID to find the right C_BPartner_EDI record. This will tell you which doctype (AD_DocType_ID) to create, and which format (C_EDI_Format_ID) to use to translate the file.

As an alternative, C_EDIProcessor could define a JMS queue to post to. Then we could manage the movement of the data with ServiceMix.

Create new windows[edit]


Add Table: "C_EDI_DocType"[edit]

1-EDI Doc Type.jpg

    • Fields: C_EDI_DocType_ID; Value, Name, Description, Help, C_EDI_DocCode (String, used to match with EDI element ST01)
    • Samples: (850 PO, 810 Invoice)

Add to "Document Type" window[edit]

10-Document Type.jpg

    • Field: C_EDIFormat_ID

Add Table: "C_EDIFormat"[edit]

2-EDI Format.jpg

    • fields: C_EDIFormat_ID, EDI Format Name, Value, C_EDI_DocType_ID, AD_Table_ID, SegmentSeparator, FieldSeparator

Add Table: "C_EDIFormat_Line"[edit]

3-EDI Format Line.jpg

    • fields: C_EDIFormat_ID, Position, Value, Name, Comments, Type(Element, Segment)

Add Table: "C_EDIFormat_LineElement"[edit]

4-EDI Format Line Element field.jpg

    • fields: C_EDIFormat_LineElement_ID, Position, Value, Name, IsMandatory, ElementType(Constant, Field), ConstValue, MinFieldLength

Add Table: "C_EDIProcessorType"[edit]

5-EDI Processor Type.jpg This table makes flexible addition of new types in future.

    • fields: Value(http, ftp, svn, cvs), JavaClass (this is class which is responsible to handle upload of EDI document)

Add Table: "C_EDIProcessor"[edit]

6-EDI Processor.jpg

    • fields: Host, Account, Password Info, C_EDIProcessorType_ID

Add Table: "C_BPartner_EDI"[edit]

7-BPartner EDI.jpg

    • fields: C_BPartner_ID, C_EDIFormat_ID, Inbound(Y,N), C_EDIProcessor_ID, C_DocType_ID