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Libero Budget Management ADempiere ERP Business Suite.


The Libero Budget Management, developed and maintained for [e-Evolution]

for business or additional request please send to victor.perez@e-evolution.com


[coming soon... Source Code]

Procedure to test using Eclipse[edit]

  • 1.- Checkout the source code from SVN
  • 2.- Modify the adempiereLiberoBudget.launch and change your -DPropertyFile= and -DADEMPIERE_HOME= parameters
  • 3.- Start Adempiere using the adempiereLiberoBudget.launch file (you need the adempiereTrunk soruce code as dependences)

Install the extension into ADempiere Setup[edit]

  • 1.- Copy the build.properties.templete to build.properties
  • 2.- Setting the adempiere.trunk variable
  • 3.- Execute build.xml ant script
  • 4.- Copy the dist/lib/liberoBudget.jar file to $ADEMPIERE_HOME/packages
  • 5.- redeploy Adempiere using RUN_silentsetup.sh or RUN_silentsetup.bat
  • 6.- Ready

Roadmap Document[edit]

Functionality / Feature Status Developer Priority Milestone Release Date Summary
Performance Analysis-> Budget Mangement
New Budget Management window Under development Victor Perez High 2.0 no defined ...

Project Lead[edit]



Functional Specs[edit]

Coming soon ...

Budget Management FAQs[edit]

Coming soon ...


Coming soon ...

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