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A Libero project to extend the Credit Card Management in ADempiere.

Project Lead[edit]




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In the retail industry, for credit card settlements, you can have multiple Issuing Banks and Merchant Accounts. During retail payments we set which payments goes to which Merchant Account. There is a Payment processor that sends the transaction to Issuing Bank and validate the credit card.

The POS need to know the right Issuing Bank to process the payment, so we obtain the range the BINs that Issuing Bank have for security. This way the POS identify payment processor, Acquiring Bank & Merchant Account.

The system also manages the terms of a differed payment schedule. Using a credit card offers you to pay with different terms i.e. (Current, 6 months without interest, etc). During a credit card transaction type, such info is registered with Issuing Bank & Merchant Account.

Finaly we we match each payment with the #Voucher and Authorisation Code sent by the Merchant Bank.

Functional Specs[edit]

Key Functionality

  • Enable Creation of Issuing Bank
  • Enable Creation of Merchant Account
  • Enable Multiple Payment Processors for each Issuing Bank
  • Enable Bank Identification Number (BIN) for each Credit Card
  • Enable Credit Card Payment Terms to Differed Payment
  • Enable Differed Payment by Issuing Bank
  • Enable Bank Statement Matcher by # Voucher and Authorization code


Feature Request


ADempiere Forum #1

ADempiere Forum #2

Technical Specs[edit]

  • Totally integrate with Adempiere


Credit Card

Credit card number

Bank Identification Number

Acquiring Bank

Merchant Account

Payment gateway

Add new Bank Identification Number Tab Bank Window

Add new Payment Term Tab for each BIN Bank Window






Credit Card Management to Retail industry

Functional How To[edit]

How to use Credit Card Management

Installation in Production[edit]


Credit Card Management[edit]

Credit Card Management

Acquiring bank[edit]

Credit Card Management

Merchant account[edit]

Bank Merchant Account

Payment Processor[edit]

Credit Card Management

Bank Identification Number[edit]


Credit Card Payment Term[edit]

Credit Card Management