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To introduce a Libero DRP (Distribution Resource Planning into the ADempiere suite of manufacturing related features.

Project Team[edit]


Victor Perez

Functional Design[edit]

  • Victor Perez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution


  • Victor Perez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution


  • Victor Perez (contribute with work) of e-Evolution


others welcome


DRP in Spanish


Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) is a method used in business administration for planning orders within a supply chain. DRP enables the user to set certain inventory control parameters (like a safety stock) and calculate the time-phased inventory requirements.

DRP uses several variables:

  • the on-hand inventory at the end of a time period.
  • the backordered demand at the end of a time period.
  • the required quantity of product needed at the beginning of a time period.
  • the constrained quantity of product available at the beginning of a time period.
  • the recommended order quantity at the beginning of a period.

DRP needs the following information:

  • the demand in a future time period.
  • the scheduled receipts at the beginning of a time period.
  • the safety stock requirement for a period.
  • the on-hand inventory at the beginning of a period.

Distribution Order[edit]


I am analyzing what is best way to management the transit inventory?


  • In a retail industry the environment are conform by multiple warehouses, each warehouse need management his own Reservation, On hand inventory , generality a store warehouse get the supply from central warehouse, so is necessary to management the requirement supply as Distribution Order.
  • the distribution order should to have next information shipper, promised date, ship to , product , qty to transfer. warehouse source , warehouse transit , warehouse target , etc., with this new document we can create distribution order. between warehouse and have the management of internal supply.

New functionality proposed :

  • The functionality to management this need is crate a new document called distribution order where we set the warehouse source, warehouse transit and warehouse target, the store create a new distribution order to item that need supply to support you demand.
  • Also is necessary a good control of back order, promise date.
  • when a distribution order is completed the system generate a inventory move with a move confirmation from warehouse source to warehouse transit , you entry the real quantities that you send from warehouse central to warehouse target, it movement generate the transaction the issue to each item and inventory on-hand is updated.
  • When the material is receipt in warehouse target you entry the qty confirm into the move confirmation and when the confirmation is completed the System generate a inventory move from warehouse transit to warehouse target, also here the are generate the transaction and on-hand is updated.
  • The new distribution order allow future new functionality to MRP or DRP (Distribution Requirement Plan).

Current functionality:

current Adempiere only management inventory move & move confirmation, but the functionality is very limit.

Issue with the current functionality:

  • 1.- current do no exist a control the back order , the quantities in transit , promise date to each item, do no is possible management the demand and supply between warehouses .
  • 2.- the current approach do not update the on-hand until you complete the move confirmation, it is big issue because the material in transit can take 2 to 5 days to been deliver, while it time the inventory do not show the real on-hand inventory.

here I want start a debate to know what is your perspective this subject.

The 2 way to solve it issue is :

  • 1.- Modify the current functionality to support some way the back order , the quantities in transit , promise date and solve the issue with qty on-hand
  • 2.- Create a new document called Distribution Order to management it business process.

Any comment or idea are welcome!

Victor Perez



the discussion here



Distribution Management Menu[edit]

  • New menu are here:


Distribution Order Window[edit]


Generate Movement (Manual) Form[edit]


Generate Movement Receipt Form[edit]


Generate Movement Process[edit]


New Inventory Movement Window[edit]



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