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Libero POS


  • A Libero project to replace ADempiere Swing POS and Call Center functionality.
  • Previously Swing POS

Project Team[edit]




e-Evolution Developers

Sponsored with 8000 USD and much work

Want to be Sponsors you are welcome please send an email victor.perez@e-evolution.com

    • Proposing sponsorship rules to ensure ethical and certainty of delivery from all parties.

Functional Specs[edit]

  • Keys control
  • Management the multi Document (Quotation, Sales Order with Material Reserved , Invoice , Receipt to a prepayment or payment credit card own )
  • Entry of Sales Person
  • Multiple POS Window
  • Entry Sales Order out counter
  • Searching Product by:
    • By Name
    • Search Key
    • UPC/EAN
  • Discount using a PIN code
  • Searching Customer by Tax ID
  • Create new client
  • Create Multiple Location by Customer
  • Payment Rule Management
    • Cash in multi currency
    • Credit Card
    • Credit Card own
    • Credit Memo
    • Cheque
    • Transfer
    • Electronic Bonus own (Money electronic)
  • Product Information
    • Product On-hand
    • Substitute Product
    • Related Product
    • BOM Product
    • Product Detail with image
  • Print Shipment
  • Print Invoice
  • Print Voucher or a receipt in case the prepay to material reserved




  • A good Adempiere Swing POS .
  • Could also be described as Trade Counter Sales in some countries, more so than dedicated retail point of sale.

Libero POS & Call Center FAQs[edit]

Dear Victor Perez,

Actually, I am sponsoring Trifon to work on completing Adempiere Swing POS (http://www.adempiere.com/wiki/index.php/Sponsored_Development:_Swing_POS). I have noticed that you are working on new Swing Libero POS and Call Centre. I am aware that:

  • 1) Showing how much the bill(cost might be $8 and I received $10 bill) that I've received from the customer
  yes, the POS show that money receipt from customer, you can see in Payment Rule ManagementCash Tab
  • 2) Showing how much remains that I've to return to the customer
  yes, you can see the field change in Payment Rule ManagementCash Tab
  • 3) Deleting a line of product from the product window
  yes, you can set in the line that you need delete and pressing the delete key
  • 4) Changing the quantity of a product
  Yes, you can highlight the line you need to change and modify the qty. The first time when you scan the product, the quantity cell is higlighted
  • 4) Select the type of Credit Card (eg. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, since different credit cards charge differently)
  yes, you can use any Credit Card the POS detect Card Type because we have a new table in ADempiere to set the BINs range, here also we set the payment term to management the differed payment ie (Visa 6 mouths without interest)
  • 5) Could I treat the tax ID as Customer ID to search customers?
  yes, Now you can find to Tax ID the customer or search key
  • 6) Does sales representative require password to login?
  yes, The POS is launch from ADempiere you need to ADempiere login and load the option the menu to POS  
  • 7) Panel design for touchscreen / no keyboard and with barcode scanner (e.g. more suitable for IBM SurePOS 500)
  Currently we support the barcode scanner, with respect to the touchscreen, you can use it in the same way you use the mouse. 
  I just have some doubts about the touchscreen how you think to change the qty in the line, with keyboard, deleting a product, or how you set a chek number , credit note, etc, 
 so every control key has his respective menu option if you need to use the touchscreen you only need choose the option with finger.

>I am not sure these features are available but not showing in the wiki. Could you tell me whether these features are available? Because I do not want to duplicate efforts, and allow me to consider whether Trifon and I should completing the Swing POS without actually wait >for Swing Libero POS to release.


>Terence Ng

Please you can ask me , if you have some other doubt about the POS functionality, if you need some other we or Trifon can development
Victor Perez

Hello Victor, Name is Ngigi Waithaka, we have just started to offer Adempiere based ERP solutions.

We have a client who requires POS functionality in their ERP solutions and I was wondering

  • (i)Is the Swing Libero POS production quality code
 The POS are development with Netbeans and Matisse and we will start in production in March
  • (ii)Have you implemented it anywhere
 our current customer will use in March or April.
  • (iii)Are there any major areas that still need to be developed
 we are in test stage, my customer are validate each functionality to can live in production 
  • (iv)How would it compare to say Microsoft Retails POS
 I sorry I know not Microsoft Retails POS, but the must important the Libero POS is that is combined with ADempiere Replication Management, so you can operate a Store without have HQ online.
  • (v)How would I get a chance to test it?
 Yes, we are release the code in 2 week when finish the fist cycle of test.

>From the screenshots its really looks pretty comprehensive & thanks for the good work.

>Ngigi Waithaka

>Alliance Technologies


 Please you can ask me , if you have some other doubt about the POS functionality, if you need some other we or Trifon can development
 Victor Perez

Hello Victor,

May I know does Libero POS support weigthing barcode ? like 20CCCCCPPPPPX, C is Code, P is Price or Weight, X is check digit.

thank you.

regards, alancham


Libero POS Window[edit]

Libero POS

Keys Control[edit]

Libero POS

Search and Adding a Product[edit]

Libero POS

Discount using a PIN[edit]


Adding new Customer or Location[edit]

Libero POS

Payment Rules Management[edit]


Libero POS

Processor Credit Card[edit]

  • Acquiring bank

Libero POS

  • Merchant account

Libero POS

  • Payment Processor

Libero POS

  • Bank Identification Number & Credit Card Payment Term

Libero POS

Libero POS

Credit Card[edit]

Libero POS

Credit Memo[edit]

Libero POS


Libero POS


Libero POS

Product Information Detail[edit]

Libero POS

Vote for inclusion into trunk[edit]

  • +1 since the Swing POS in trunk is not a stable features now Hengsin 12:04, 28 January 2008 (EST)
  • You got to be kidding me!!! Who can say "No!" to such great graphics??!!! I say ++++++1tb(terrabyte vote) - Red1 19:34, 25 January 2008 (EST)
  • +1 don't forget project matisse files maybe after that i will create my form with netbeans - Omidp
  • +1 This rocks! Nice PoS. Maybe we can use it after we adding enhanced product search - Jab doa 06:55, 28 January 2008 (EST)
  • +1 Most needed POS, This is another hole filled from the alpha Compiere Heritage - Ramiro Vergara 13:14, 26 February 2008 (EST)
  • +1 Most needed POS. - alancham 19:07, 24 March 2008 (EST)