Sponsored Development: OB POS with Reward Points

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Project Team[edit]


Terence Ng

Functional Specs[edit]






Scope: Since Openbravo POS 2.20 will be integrated in Adempiere; therefore, looking for developers and sponsors to sponsor functions enhancement in OB POS.

Detailed Scope:

  • using card reader to read the membership cards to differentiate VIP clients.
  • every product other than retail price, can be assigned "reward points" required, e.g. members can use 10 reward points to buy this product rather than paying cash, or a mixture of reward points and cash. However, every product can be selected either join the reward points plan or not).
  • if a client spend for example USD/EUR100(multi-currency), then he gets maybe 10 points (10:1, ratio can be modified, differentiate from cash deposit).