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  • Sarafudheen: Community is looking forward for the materials like videos, presentations, photos from your sessions. We hope somebody will post it in this page. This is a good opportunity to bring the community closer and enrich our Wiki with more knowledge.

Papers i like to see[edit]

Here please nominate or vote what kind of papers you like to see presented in the Conference. For me my present interest is the following. Of course if there is no one else who can better present, i won't mind presenting them. Just a warning. I am no expert and will disappoint you. I am better at explosives. :) -

I may have a problem with 2nd September. It is the Muslim celebration from the fasting month. Also the tickets from my assumed location Paris to Berlin is high compared with going elsewhere. Redhuan D. Oon

About Modules[edit]

1. Libero Manufacturing - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly sides of a huge module (proposed by red1)
2. Fixed Assets - A Curious Case Of Whodunnit (proposed by red1)

About Testing[edit]

1. Fitnesse Slim testing framework - A Story of Accounting Consequence (proposed by red1)

About Technology[edit]

1. iDempiere OSGi - To fork or not to fork, that is the option (proposed by red1)

About Competition[edit]

1. Is ADempiere better than Compiere and OpenBravo? - What Heng Sin told me (proposed by red1)

About Community[edit]

1. What Makes A Bad Leader - by the Founding Leader of ADempiere

About Art[edit]

1. Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal - by Anon